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Review Gothic II enjoyed by Next Level Gaming

Discussion in 'News & Content Feedback' started by Whipporowill, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Whipporowill Erudite

    May 18, 2003
    59°19'03"N 018°02'15"E
    Tags: Gothic II; Piranha Bytes

    A rather decent interview (considering the amount of pure shite out there) of Gothic II has hit the net. This time it's <a href="" target=_blank>Next Level Gaming</a> that's behind the wheel and their <a href="" target=_blank>conclusion</a> is along the line of what we've previously heard on the game. A living gameworld, enjoyable exploration and somewhat 'quirky' combat leaves the game with <b>86%</b>. Here's a snippet I couldn't help agreeing with:
    In the morning, you can watch the merchants wake from their beds and head off to their place of work. The blacksmith leaves his home and begins heating steel, pounding on the metal, and moves to the whetstone to finish his work. Traveling merchants awake from the Inn and head to their bazaar fronts. In the evening, they head to the free bar for some drinks, or maybe the smoke dealer to puff on a hookah, before returning to their beds to start over again. Local soldiers will stop by merchants to by something to eat, enjoy their meal and return to their posts. This attention to NPC detail is even apparent with the creatures you will fight. You can sneak up and watch a group of goblins dance around a fire oblivious to your presence. If they detect you, the evil little cretins will call for help and even dance and taunt as more goblins catch wind and they gain some form of bravery en masse. All of the dialogue in the game is voice acted, which spares the eyes from reading a lot of text.
    This has to be one of my favourite things in CRPG's in general, an actual 'living' gameworld - of which both the Gothics and some of the latter Ultimas are known for. Now where's the translation of the GII <a href="" target=_blank>sequel</a> damnit?
    Spotted at: <A HREF="">GenGamers</A>
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