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How much of the skills do you need?


Apr 7, 2004
So I'm hitting level 19, and wondering - how much of the skills do I need? I already have lockpick and hacking at 105 (higher with bonuses from items), and my crafting skills (tailoring, electronics, chemistry) are at about 120 or so.

How much more should I invest in them? Or should I start working on some other skills? I'm guessing I can put points in Biology or Chemistry, but the truth is such skills are really not useful for my knife build.


Jan 14, 2016
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As far as I remember:

Lockpicking & Hacking max out at 135. Take the bracketed number and add your hacking tool or lockpick bonus and stop leveling when you reach 135.

I'm pretty sure I read here on the Codex somewhere that crafting can be left at 120.

Personally I'd max weapon skills, defensives and Stealth. If you use Throwing you can leave that comfortably at around 90, for example.


Dec 31, 2007
I don't know if anything has changed but:
The AOE cap for grenades (100%) was at 124 throwing.
Mechanics, Electronics and Tailoring at 128 was a good choice. With the house bonus and +2 int from Junkyard surprise you can get them up to 150, if needed, to make some great super steel/ancient rathound gear. Frankly there's no real limit here. If you are very lucky to get some ultra quality super steel and ancient rat hide you may need to go up to 200 to make the gear you want. But such a thing would be very rare.
I have a note about getting Chemistry up to 112 ,but I can't remember why. Probably to make a good regenerative vest.
Biology at 80 to make most of the stims and grenades. At 80 you can make the bullhead which can be very useful. Getting it to 130 for the supersoldier drug didn't seem like it was worth it.
Dodge & Evasion both at 120 is a good idea if you're going that route. Combine them with Uncanny Dodge and you have a great synergy, since you get an extra feat every 30 skill points.

Remember that you can always try to use a Junkyard surprise for a +2INT or a +2DEX if you really need it. So have this in mind especially for Hacking and lockpicking, since there are very few times you'll find a 135 skill-check.


May 14, 2010
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crafting really depends on component you get. You sometime needs 140-160 to build weapons for those really rare, high quality components, especially with shields since you have two mods that can increases crafting requirement by a lot.

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