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Interview Interview with Basilisk Games

Vault Dweller

Commissar, Red Star Studio
Jan 7, 2003
Tags: Basilisk Games; Eschalon: Book I

We've had a chat with Thomas Riegsecker of <a href=http://www.basiliskgames.com/>Basilisk Games</a> about <a href=http://www.basiliskgames.com/games.htm>Eschalon: Book I</a>, an indie turn-based fantasy game that should be available this Spring.

<blockquote>7. What other non-combat activities are in the game? What does a skill like Cartography do? How do they affect gameplay?

All the Skills are based on a 1-100 range, with 100 being godlike and would require a lifetime of devotion to achieve. Cartography is a good Skill to talk about: the automap in the upper right corner of the screen does not work at all until you have at least one point in your Cartography Skill. With just one point, your automap will work but it will only produce a crude outline of your surroundings. The more points you allot to your Cartography skill, the better the automap will look as color and details emerge. Eventually you can even get creatures and NPC locations to show up on the automap if your Skill rating gets high enough. Other non-combative Skills such as Lockpicking, Skullduggery (trap disarming), and Move Silently work the same way. </blockquote>
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Oct 21, 2005
Brooklyn, NY
Nice interview. Pretty much hit all the points i was curious about. I like the Wizardry 7 style skillz system, specifically the mapping system. Stats affecting the in game info is nifty, hopefully that means your stats open up some dialogue options too. I'm really interested to see how the combat system is implemented with the TB/RT hybrid.

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