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Interview Jason Fader is asked anything on Reddit


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Oct 21, 2002
Codex USB, 2014
Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Jason Fader; Obsidian Entertainment

Jason Fader, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment and more importantly Obsidian Entertainment (lead producer on New Vegas DLC) held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thingy on Reddit - your number one stop for cat pictures. Fader was one of the guys who were let go when Project Carolina got canned, and he's now spearheading some sort of casual steampunk "MMOG" (Kickstarter).

Most questions and answers seem to be about Obsidian and his work there, so there should be some interesting New Vegas commentary.

Just got Fallout NV with the steam sale. Crossing my fingers. What's your favorite DLC for New Vegas?

Old World Blues, by far! I loved the weekly reviews we would have of the build and cracking up at the new comedic lines that would go in. The voice acting talent was also great (Mmm... Doc Venture).

Speaking of Old World Blues, what gave you or your team the ideas to make it?

This DLC was the one where we "had fun with it". Any zany idea we wanted to do was fielded by our project director, Chris Avellone. Some ideas were used, others would not quite fit. We all rallied behind the theme of it since the concept itself was pure genius and hilarity. I often joked that OWB was "Wild Wasteland, the DLC".

As for where the idea itself came from, I believe it was from Chris's love of retro scifi and wanting to tell a story that was compelling, yet funny at times for the player.

Click here to go to the AMA, and click here to filter all his answers.

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