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Review Jolt.co.uk reviews KotOR


Nov 9, 2002
Monkey Island
Tags: BioWare; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

<a href=http://www.jolt.co.uk>Jolt</a> also have reviewed <a href=http://www.swkotor.com>KotOR</a> giving it a score of <b>87%</b>.
<blockquote>After the two initial planets that you have to do in fixed order, you will begin Jedi training and have a choice of several planets that you can do in any order. There are seven planets in total, as well as various ships and a space station new to the PC version. Each planet is visually impressive and offers a great deal of diversity. Although not offering huge areas to explore, the planets contain plenty of side quests and story elements that in total can account for anything up to 50 hours of play time. Knights is not combat heavy, but the combat is quite involving and requires a careful use of the parties skills. For the most part you will simply be questing and conversing with various colourful characters. For Star Wars fans it is no doubt a godsend, but those looking for ‘hack'n'slash' type gameplay might be disappointed.</blockquote>
I beg to differ. KotOR is lightyears ahead of previous BioWare titles in this respect, but it is still extremely combat heavy.
Spotted at: <A HREF="http://www.bluesnews.com">Blue's News</a>

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