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Astral Rag

Feb 1, 2012

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10 tons previous titles Crimsonland and Neon Chrome are both excellent for what they are. Those games have some of the best gunplay this side of 99 and unlike the decidedly mediocre Satellite Reign Neon Chrome actually features semi-destructible environments. From that screen it looks like Jydge is running on the same engine.

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Darth Roxor

Rattus Iratus
Staff Member
May 29, 2008
"Edenbyrg", "jydge"

It is the grim darkness of the [future_year], where the global resource crisis has taken its toll even on the alphabet.


Jan 23, 2016
Republic of Kongou
Oh so it's hotline miami but you cna dodge the projectiles but also there's tons of RPG elements to break the difficulty curve.

Okay that's nice thank you.


Hi, I'm Roqua
Feb 26, 2017
Oh so it's hotline miami but you cna dodge the projectiles but also there's tons of RPG elements to break the difficulty curve.

Okay that's nice thank you.

Are you saying you would rather a game not have rpg elements? I honestly don't understand why there are far more general gamers on a supposed rpg site than people that like the genre in the site's title.

How is this game? I played like 3 minutes of Hotline Miami and never heard of Neon Chrome. Are the rpg elements strong enough to warrant purchasing? Are there shops and normal rpg shit, or is it a non-rpg arpg like diablo with no actual content beyond killing hordes of enemies in a linear fashion. I know there are missions and you get medals for doing them specific ways and two side quests per mission, but how is the hub and is there any hooks while on missions to explore or talk to people, etc?

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
It's really mediocre. The action segments are really, really easy so it's more of a puzzle than a shooter. On each mission, there are some objectives to fulfill (hack some stuff, rescue civilians, do mission without taking damage, do mission while remaining unseen) and you have some upgrades to fulfill them exactly. So it's, like, are you smart enough to put a square peg into a square hole?

For trickier missions (stealth are the most difficult ones, I think), it will take several tries to get them right, but it's more about scouting the map properly so you know where everything is etc.

The gunplay is also severely hampered by the "grind money for upgrades" system - money are somewhat scarce so you'll have only 2-3 guns at the full power which also limits the gameplay somewhat. Not that you need much outside of the shotgun, though, that shit is OP.

It's mediocre.

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