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Review Knights of the Chalice – A Heroic Fantasy Adventure

Sick Bum

Sep 4, 2010
Butthurt trailer park
Grunker said:
1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! U stooped. You didn't even use an argument. Just said: "In an intelligent campaign..." and "It's very useful too..." Why is it better to be able to prebuff, when it makes as little sense as the alternative, so the difference between the two becomes that not being able to removes a tedious mechanic and adds an extra process to the battle?

2. Somewhat true.

3. Not really sure you're even making a point here.

4. You do realize that Wizards of the Coast had to make a little book called Tome of Battle - The Book of Nine Swords for the sole reason that their fighters was completely unplayable in 3.5 right? RIGHT?!?

5. Where did you find these bugbear-shamans in ToEE?

6. I have never, ever had my fighter grappled unless my mage was otherwise incapacitated.

7. Here you're just rambling. The interface is bad because..? Try using arguments instead of just statements. I've never heard about your GUI-bug by the way, have you tried posting it on the forum?

Conclusion: It's funny how you throw around "people are clueless about D&D rules" yet maintain that fighters and mages in D&D were balanced. It always amuses me when people LOL at other people's intelligence and then make some kind of absurd claim.

1. Why would you not be buffed? It's an endless circle, but as I said ultimately DnD has prebuffing as a big part of its ruleset. Simply nerfing it fucks everything up.

3. It is mainly to point out yet another exploit that would murder any challenge left if there was any challenge in the game past level 8.

4. And here we come back to it. The people who couldn't handle fighters are pretty sad. It's the same retards who think a mana system is needed so they can fireball more and fighters exist to keep the enemy off your mage. Combine fighters with a few levels of rogue and barbarian and you have unstoppable murder machines.

5. Several places as I recall, maybe they were clerics, but whatever. Spellcasters. Point is, they had more dept to them than simply the same thing over and over, which is what kotc provided in many areas.

6. Well, I have, many times, not sure what game you are playing. In the big fight in vanicia the duke tried to grapple a red dragon, and the lich walked up to one of my fighters for some reason, assuring his instant death.

7. The more I think of it the more likely it seems to be a bug. Whether an interface is good or bad is a big topic but I have not had so much trouble with a game interface as I initially did with this one.


RPG Codex Ghost
Oct 19, 2009
1. Use an argument. Here, I'll show you: "Leaves you without a tedious mechanic" is an argument, because it has context. You don't have to click 15 times before each combat = good thing, because it = less repetition. "Everything is fucked up" = not an argument, because you're not really saying anything. Give it a shot. I'm sure you'll learn.

When did pre-buffing become a part of D&D btw? I've played the game for 13 years and short of computer-games, I've seldom have a situation in which the party could prebuff.

4. Oh, the spells/day-argument... I swear, every fucking time you have this discussion it comes up like an ulcor. Read the reserve-feats, read the resting-spells, play the game, and come back with something more substantial. Then pick up Tome of Battle - The Book of Nine Swords, read it, and test a little.
Fighters in 3.5 were, sadly, useless on everything beyond level 8. Sad fact, but luckily, Wizards made a great supplement. You really should read it.

5. If that's what you're talking about, Darth Roxor is indeed right.

7. If you actually have this problem, post in on the forums. He's pretty quick to respond.


Aug 27, 2006
Ok, who pissed in the talent pool around here?

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