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Game News Overhype Studios' next game is MENACE, a tactical RPG set in a remote star system, coming late 2024


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Hooded Horse; MENACE; Overhype Studios

August 21, 2023 – Hooded Horse is excited to announce MENACE, the first of two new games to be announced during gamescom 2023. From Overhype Studios, the developers behind popular medieval turn-based tactical RPG Battle Brothers, MENACE is a grounded sci-fi strategy experience that tasks players to restore order in the far reaches of space.

Lead a strike force against numerous threats in this brutal tactical RPG. Players must pick their allegiances and travel from planet to planet, fielding infantry, tanks, and mechs to answer distress calls and engage in intense turn-based battles. Cut off from the core worlds, help isn’t coming but neither is oversight or repercussions.

MENACE takes everything beloved about Battle Brothers – the evolving characters, the challenge, the army management, the dynamic sandbox gameplay – and yes, even the existential horror of facing off against an unbeatable enemy – and improves it tenfold. 3D environments allow for larger skirmishes across living battlefields, and the game’s mysterious enemy builds on Battle Brother’s sandbox and offers a powerful foe that has profound consequences on the strategic layer. Together these innovations will shake up the current norms of turn-based tactics games.

Key features of MENACE include:
  • Procedurally generated multi-mission operations.
  • Large, dynamic battle maps with innovative new mechanics for suppression and cover.
  • A wide variety of vehicles for total combined-arms warfare.
  • A large (and randomized) selection of characters to talk to, train, and forge together into an elite force aboard the TCRN Impetus, the player’s mobile base of operations.
  • Countless equipment options, detailed supply management, and the ability to commandeer vehicles.
  • Disparate factions to negotiate and ally with, or destroy, at the player’s option.
Every run of MENACE plays differently from the last, and players will face seemingly insurmountable challenges that take multiple forms across playthroughs, testing strategic and tactical prowess in new ways each time.

The Hooded Horse team will be at our booth in Hall 10.1 / stand E-020 throughout gamescom, so please do drop by to find out more about MENACE and the other games in the portfolio. We’ll have demos, goodie bags, and more new stuff to show!

MENACE will be localized from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

MENACE will be coming to early access for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2024. A press kit is available.​


Feb 7, 2016


Codex Staff
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Oct 21, 2002
Codex USB, 2014
I wouldn't pick these 3d graphics over BB's 2d, but they seem to have the gameplay tied in to it so it's alright.
Early Access in 2024... Guess the full release is far away.
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Jun 23, 2020
That's funny, I was just thinking about how interplanetary XCOM would be cool


Jan 26, 2023
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Some Phoenix Point vibes before they screwed it completely. Cinematic is very late 90s-esque style, reminded me of Aliens, Starcraft, Quake 2. Other references I‘m getting are M.A.X, Soldiers of Anarchy (what a great concept that was), Dark Colony. Hyped.


Oct 30, 2016
It took them a long time to make Battle Brothers a great game, but hopefully they've learned enough to make this something special from the get-go. Cautiously optimistic, I really like the premise.


May 5, 2012
It took them a long time to make Battle Brothers a great game, but hopefully they've learned enough to make this something special from the get-go. Cautiously optimistic, I really like the premise.
BB was perfectly fine at release, sure the dlc expansions made it even better but it's not like it was a Civilization IV affair where the game was forgettable until Beyond the Sword.

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