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Pioneers of Pagonia - city builder from original Settlers creator - now available on Early Access


Oct 22, 2015
So anyone tried it?
On Steam it is very Positive (with over a thousand reviews), but some negative ones point out important things:
*Guard Towers. This game has successfully defeated defence tower spamming. Bandits, thieves and assorted varmints will kill your builders and Guard Tower just doesn't care. You have guards, but they're usually too busy planting rocks to notice their mates getting killed. If you make soldiers instead of guards, they might fight back. But being noble, they'll fight and die 1 at a time rather than dogpiling on the bad guys. It also doesn't seem possible to rubber band select a bunch of idle solders and order them to go smack stuff, because that would be too easy.
So it is hard to guess what's the status.

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