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Review Recommended Shivering Isles review


Oct 23, 2002
Meh...why knock other people's reviews, it's all a matter of perspective. From one person's point of view Oblivion is a crappy dumbed-down shell of an RPG designed to make FPS players think that they now 'get' RPGs while ensuring that the next generation of potential RPG players never know what a true cRPG is. From another point of view, however, it's a brilliant lower colon cleanser. I read gamespot daily to keep my bowel motions regular!

There's always the alternative of presenting the facts without emotional bias. But that just wouldn't be cricket.


Jan 31, 2007
Well, you win some, you lose some. Have you noticed that in the Swedish edition of PC Gamer, when Oblivion is mentioned favourably in later issues, it's usually with a reservation about the game not really being a role playing game?

Haven't read any of the later issues. I used to read a lot of the gaming magazines, but I just stopped. How is the swedish PC Gamer nowadays?

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