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Game News Retro RPG Nox Archaist getting Lord of Storms expansion pack next March


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: 6502 Workshop; Nox Archaist; Nox Archaist: Lord of Storms

6502 Workshop's Ultima-like 8-bit RPG Nox Archaist seems to have been well-received by retro gaming fans following its release at the end of 2020, even achieving a respectable 10th place in our GOTY poll for that year. After releasing various promotional goodies throughout 2021, the game's developers have decided to put together an oldschool expansion pack called Lord of Storms. The expansion will add a new quest to the base game, in which the party shall be tasked with venturing out into uncharted territory in order to investigate a recent increase in storm activity. Here's the full description from its announcement:

You have learned of Lord Estintar’s suspicions that the cult has something to do with the increase in storm activity. He charges you with investigating. The task will not be easy, but you accept this duty.

Your quest will take you to uncharted reaches of the Isles of Wynmar. Traps, puzzles, and powerful magic items await, which may or may not be able to help you.

Those brave and foolish enough to face these perils will come face to face with the Lord of Storms!

The Nox Archaist: Lord of Storms digital download includes:
  • New HDV hard-drive image for Apple II, Mac, or PC
  • A brand new quest line
  • New mobs and new unique items
  • New features, including character renaming
  • PDF of the manual
Note: This is an expansion pack for Nox Archaist, and requires the full game to run.​

Nox Archaist: Lord of Storms is available for preorder from 6502 Workshop's website and is currently scheduled for release on March 31st next year. The developers have also set up a Patreon page for retro fans who wish to support them on a more regular basis.

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