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Codex Interview RPG Codex Interview: Blackguards 2


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Jan 28, 2011
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During the beta, you received some criticism from our users because the game lacked proper documentation and textual feedback on what was happening "under the hood". Eventually, you included Felipepepe's fan-made guide as part of the game, but are you going to improve on that aspect in the sequel? Would you consider adding something like Temple of Elemental Evil's combat feedback, or a contextual "Player's Handbook" like the one in Knights of the Chalice?

We hope with the changes to the character sheets and leveling systems we won't need as much explanation text as in the first part. Also the first three levels of the game will be tutorial levels but in a different way than in BG1.

He said "explanation text". I interpret that as referring to felipe's wall of text. Why would they remove feedback? It's brief and to the point, and has nothing to do with leveling up which is what he said they were going to streamline.

Doctor Sbaitso

Oct 22, 2013
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He clearly said that they don't intend to address the reference shortcoming and made no mention at all regarding feedback improvements. To me, that says No to addressing a lack of in or out of game reference material, and a clear indication that combat feedback text is far enough from top of mind that he had nothing at all to report when asked a direct question about it. I hope I am wrong.

Severian Silk

I enjoyed the first game. I think they got the difficulty about right. I am looking forward to Blackguards 2.



Feb 29, 2012
There is no good "nemesis" in BG2. Marwan just makes me fill pity for him.

Lasca ftw!

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