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Game News Seal of Evil Connection With Hero

Sol Invictus

Oct 19, 2002
Pax Romana
Tags: Object Software; Seal of Evil

<b>Richard Wallis</b> of <a href="http://eng.objectgames.com/games.htm">Object Software</a> forwarded to me this nifty bit of information about a link between the upcoming Ancient Chinese-themed RPG, <a href="http://www.gmxmedia.net/soe/">Seal of Evil</a> and the recent blockbluster movie Hero, both of which are based on actual history. I thought it might be of interest:
<b>Seal of Evil</b> is set at the exact same time in Chinese history as "Hero". Jing Ke, who was a famous travelling swordsman engaged by Crown Prince Dan of the state of Yan to kidnap/assassinate Ying Zheng, the King of Qin, failed in his attempt in 226 BC. It is believed that Jet Li’s character in Hero is modelled on Jing Ke.
In the game Jing Ke requests his friend, Gai Nie, one of the five main characters to assist him in his assassination attempt. In reality Jing Ke did indeed seek out a friend to assist him but in the end set off without him because Prince Dan was becoming impatient regarding the delay in Jing Ke's departure from the state of Yan.
The scene in "Hero" where Jet Li’s character enters the Qin Palace to meet and assassinate the King of Qin is based on the actual scene that existed at that time when Jing Ke entered the Palace at Xiangyang for the same purpose.
Just like Jet Li, Jing Ke failed in his attempt and was cut down by the Qin soldiers.

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