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Short term allies


Im mostly wondering how difficult this would be to do in the engine, in a way where it reliably works.

Im thinking about various NPCs and characters that could be used to enrich various smaller quests, or to make it more special and memorable. As a short term, temporary allies that would join your team - which would give you the usual set of NPC ally commands - that your usual companions would have - while they are with you.

They would offer to join in a scripted event - if you met certain parameters of quests - and they would leave the party when that situation is resolved.

- This would need to mean that you cannot go and do some other quest towing them along ... therefore they should leave you if you try to leave the town or specific locations , while it would fail those quests automatically too , and characters would die or refuse further communication -

- if this can be achieved... there could be a lot of fun added to all kinds of quests or even some quest chains -

If there can be a reliable, sturdy system that handles this - then that would open up a world of possibilities.

Whatchya all think about all this?


Something similar yet more useful is already on our TODO list. It's too early to say if I will be able to implement it.


Ok, thanks. I Just wanted to check before i started imagining a lot of uses for it.

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