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Shotgun or Psionic Build?


Apr 7, 2004
Hi guys! Any advice for a shotgun or psionic build? I've never played one of these before. Also, is there a link to the Underrail build planner and is it up to date?

Also, is there any advantage of a sword build over a knife one?

Jan 1, 2011
It's missing two belts, but I think it's up to date aside from those.
I'm not that good at psi so I won't comment on that. For shotguns you basically always want short barrel instead of long, vindicator is the best type by far, leading shot is much better than barrel stare (being able to reliably hit death stalkers even at low level is sooo goooood), auto shotguns are fun but not really that useful most of the time, pumps always want foregrip, autos always want magazine, choke is a joke upgrade that you should never take because it's worse than nothing. It has two negatives and no positives what the fuck why did you put this in the game?
Oh yeah, critical power doesn't multiply the bonus crit damage from fragmented chaos. I don't know why. It just doesn't. You might think crit power+chaos+3p shells would be awesome, but nope, doesn't work.
Shotguns got a huge buff with AP rollover since now pumps can fire three times every second turn instead of being capped at two shots and having 10 AP you can't use, so that's great. If you want to play shotguns then now is a good time.


Apr 16, 2004
Should add a "waste pack" that is only available after gaining the feat Colectomy - outside of leveling, ofc.


Dec 31, 2007
My last run was a pure psi, and towards the 2nd half it became a slog. These builds can become too fidgety, and you basically do the same strategy 99% of the time, and it was very tiresome in expedition, where you fight swarms of the same enemies. I don't think I'll ever play another pure-psi build again.

I've never played shotguns, but they're probably more fun.

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