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Should I play Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 before Baldur's Gate 3?


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Oct 28, 2010
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I am playing Divinity : Original Sin these days. I have mixed feelings about it, so much that I was about to give up on it. Although now I'm so close to the end it feels like a waste giving up now (I'm in Phantom Forest, stopped playing just before crossing the bridge for which you need the talisman for). I guess I'm close to the end ?

Anyways, this game feels weird. Everything in it is absolutely top notch quality if you are not averse to the humor. The element based environment battle is a lovely idea. The classical turn based is fine except the battles are too slow, the story is classic "back to the roots of cRPG" which is okay if it's what you look for, the graphics are nice, etc.... it has everything to make a great a game.

There are, however, things, that completetly ruin the experience for me.

* I was stuck in a few places. Story sections. It turned out in several times the solution to this was moon logic, pixel hunting for items, or other inane stuff. This is unsufferable in an adventure game, it's unforgivable in a modern RPG.
* Navigating the game world. It's not a series of open world maps. It's 4 labyrinthine maps with corridors that take you where they want you to go while they pretend it's outdoor. Console limitations ? It makes it a pain to get anywhere.
* Combat, difficulty. Enemies don't respawn. I was stuck for hours in the game wandering around the game world finding that ONE place where my characters weren't underpowered. This is not good design. This is fake liberty that makes you lose a lot of times.

Etc, etc.

That, with also sometimes misgiving and lackluster quest direction (I'm not asking for quest markers, but really sometimes I look at my journal wishing I had taken actual paper notes), completely, absolutely ruin the experience of what should have been a super fun game. I'm hoping D:OS2 (which I'll skip for now) and BG3 (which will come as soon as I finish D:OS) fix all those issues.


Aug 12, 2023
Yeah, if you want to proof of how asset flipped the games are, sure.

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