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Game News Space Hack site updated: futuristic weapons

Vault Dweller

Commissar, Red Star Studio
Jan 7, 2003
Tags: Rebelmind; Space Hack

<a href=http://spacehack.rebelmind.com>Space Hack</a> site is now featuring tons of new info on biospheres, monsters' hierarcy, and <a href=http://spacehack.rebelmind.com/en/game/weapons>super cool sci-fi weapons</a> that I don't have words to describe, so you have to click on the link and see for yourself. <a href=http://spacehack.rebelmind.com>Space Hack</a> is a sci-fi action RPG. According to one of the interviews, the developers got tired of fantasy games and decided to do something cool and different.
Spotted at: <A HREF="http://www.rpgdot.com">RPG Dot</A>


Jan 27, 2004
man... that short bow looks even more primitive than the classical d&d one, they should stop pulling our legs here and call the game "caveman hack"

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