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Game News Space Wreck Released


Codex Staff
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May 29, 2010
I never watched Cowboy Bepop, but someone with the name Spike Spiegel and is a bounty hunter seems pretty masculine to me. Am I wrong?
He has a rather bishounen design compared to say Jet Black.


Pahris Entertainment
Feb 16, 2004
The Glorious Ancient City of Loja
I never watched Cowboy Bepop, but someone with the name Spike Spiegel and is a bounty hunter seems pretty masculine to me. Am I wrong?

He looks feminine to me. I would not give him inherent bonus strength, carry capacity and health buffer. It is okay if you like such men but NPCs with strict M sex preference would find him too...unconventional, not masculine enough for sexual attraction.

N is about not fitting the stereotype. And Spike is certainly not Clint Eastwood. Or Angelina Jolie.
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You're all shills
Jan 2, 2016
Eastern block
He fucks little androgynous boys since he already revealed his ultimate fetish in this very thread
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Jan 22, 2019
Strap Yourselves In
I probably should not get into this again, but...let's try it again.

Tranny politics? Why do space games have to have this or do devs mention it? I just want to explore space/worlds, pirate/privateer, survive, build, etc. agenda driven drivel BLECK!

There's an optional N in the character creation screen. This is it.

W - stereotypical woman (Scarlett Johansson)
M - stereotypical man (Clint Eastwood)
N - errr...hard to say...neither? (Cowboy Bebop)

It works as follows: NPCs in SpaceWreck sometimes want to have sex, potentially with the player. Then this "stereotype" (visual appearance and behaviour) field is used to determine PC & NPC compatibility:

NPCs have sexual preferences defined as a set of letters, e.g. "M" - that would be either a heterosexual woman or strict gay, depending on NPC's own type (M, W, N).
But it does not have to be one letter, certain characters don't really care (M, W, N), some are a bit more conservative but still open to less conventional looking people like N, M, or W, N.

This is the extent of tranny politics in Space Wreck.

Needless to say, you can just pick W or M and forget about it.
Some possibilities get closed upon implementing this feature, I don't get it. Optional perks like Black Widow/Lady Killer (Fallout perks) are ruled out, as you (player) refused to specify if you're an human male or female, if you have selected the N option at the beginning of the journey.
And even if they didn't, you'd (the dev) need to create an extra option if you were to implement this in your game, giving dmg bonuses whenever the player targets NPCs of the N type, for example. Something which is not quite obvious in-game, I suspect – making things unnecessarily confusing for the players.
Also, it was cool unlocking new dialogue lines for certain characters, after picking Lady Killer/Black Widow perk (depending on the protag gender), in Fallout games.
Not so Fallouty, this indie, unfortunately.


† Cristo è Re †
Jun 20, 2011
Apparently the dev is a codexer since 2004, which leaves me puzzled as to why he's replying the posts complaining about wokeism. If he's really a codexer he should've already expected this reaction and know that anything he says will be irrelevant.
Ah yes, the No True Codexer Fallacy.

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