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Incline SYNTHETIK 2 - Electric boogaloo

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Fedora Master, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017
    Synthetik 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed Synthetik - The best isometric roguelike shooter ever created. You may have heard about the first game from a certain Nigerian Warlord.

    Today the game was officially launched into Early Access:

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  2. Tacgnol Shitlord Patron

    Oct 12, 2010
    Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Grab the Codex by the pussy RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    The first one was fun as fuck. I shall watch this with great interest.
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  3. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017

    They know.
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  4. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017
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  5. Cyberarmy Love fool Patron

    Feb 7, 2013
    Smyrna - Scalanouva
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Man I fucking love first game, I suck big time but I really love the gameplay and mayhem.
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  6. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017


    NEW -
    Recycling Items
    You can now recycle items in the upgrade menu "U" (or ESC)
    This is a rudimentary first implementation

    NEW -
    Attachment Menu
    Due to the attachment workshops not working as well as hoped due to the big levels,
    attachments are now purchased through an upgrade button in the weapon menu.
    We will add more polish to the menu interactions and popups in the near future.

    Big level change:
    We noticed the game is way way longer than Synthetik 1 and does feel too stretched, which also made balancing of loot very strange. We now moved the mainboard level as an alternative to Oilrig, and you will get to Arctic afterwards now. This makes the game shorter and adds more variation, while also allowing for better loot and less stretched content. It will probably still be longer than S1 but we keep an eye out. Keep in mind that Arctic still needs work and will be improved next week.
    You will get more non-weapon chests and terminals due to the map change as well.


    - Terminals and chests have been slightly increased
    - Attachment workbench removed for the new system mentioned above
    - New
    Stat upgrade chest

    - Chests have improved visuals

    We are aware of the pacing issues in some areas, but we do think this is mostly due to enemy spawns and level layouts, less from actual in-fight speed, this issue has a pretty high priority for us.

    Movement speed
    slightly increased for all classes
    - Base
    Frictionless boots gain movement speed buff due to the long dash cooldown
    - Base
    Chrono Trooper
    movementspeed slightly increased
    - Increased reload speed across the board

    Exp Gain
    - Increased Exp gain by around 150%

    - Pickups now have info popups
    - Added a dark overlay for abilities on cooldowns (will be expanded to other areas)
    - Removed display of charges recharge time if not needed
    - Item / Weapon popups now show the weapon rarity color
    (more cooldown / charges display improvements are coming next week)
    - Mod upload has a better explaination
    - Keybinding rebinding now works again
    - Added character to End screen back (end screen will be improved soon)
    - 16:10 improvements
    - Improved weapon ammo display on right side

    - Varied performance improvements
    - Added static shadows, still work in progress

    - Better default audio volume
    - Improved audio mix slightly in some areas

    - Varied small map improvements
    - Breaching charges projectiles ares now shorter
    - Curses work
    - Shock grenade launcher damage increased
    - Deathstick damage increased
    - Riotguard tear-gas no longer affects friendlies / self
    - Chrono trooper chrono charge has better feedback

    Last Defender:
    - Last Defender now works as it should

    Edit: apparently still shy, fixing on monday

    - Many fixes

    Uncommon Weapon -
    Industrial Breaching Cutter

    Uncommon Weapon -
    Tokko Fusion Carbine
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  7. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017
    Look who's back!

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  8. Cyberarmy Love fool Patron

    Feb 7, 2013
    Smyrna - Scalanouva
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Did my duty and bought this MF. It was just 3.500,00 US dollars :lol:

    Man, even Steam prices is buggy nowadays.
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  9. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017
    Hey everyone!
    The new update "INTEL" is now live!
    We worked hard on many many improvements based on your feedback.
    In general we are very confident about our future plan and certain about what needs to
    be added, changed and improved, so worry not!


    - Further increased movement speed
    - Most maps have spawn points adjusted to remove boring or dragged out areas/gameplay
    - Some new map variations and visibility improvements have been added
    - Loot has further been tweaked

    This is an
    ongoing process
    , keep telling us how you feel on these topics
    and point out the weaker areas so we can improve them!

    - Ejecting the magazine now grants a 10% speed bonus for 1 second for extra smoothness
    - Ejecting the magazine now increases cooling by 50% as long as the magazine is out
    - Varied
    have been changed to a much more convenient
    cursor target

    - We added a knockback mechanic which now works on enemies from varied effects
    - Keep in mind that this will be only for singleplayer due to technical reasons


    3 new Specialisations have been added.
    The Recon is essentially the new Sniper class and offers 3 fully fledged different specialisations.
    You should also not look him directly in the eyes.

    NEW - Recon
    High damage Marksman with focus on weakpoint hits, accuracy and positioning

    - Evade
    - Flash Grenade
    - Weakpoint Scan
    - L24 'Eraser'
    --Channel Power
    --Deflection System

    NEW - Recon Psyonic
    Utility focussed infiltrator with psyonic effects and item affinity

    - Dodge Roll
    - Engine Breaking Shot
    - Weakpoint Scan
    - Anti-Vehicle mine
    --Psy Infused shots

    NEW - Anti-Material Recon
    Slow but hard hitting vehicle hunting sniper

    - Dodge Roll
    - Engine Breaking Shot
    - Weakpoint Scan
    - Anti-Vehicle mine
    --Defensive Measures
    --Vehicle Hunter


    - Last Defender is now in the game
    - Varied fixes in AI
    - Increased enemy type pool per map by 1
    - Increased tower amount per map by 1
    - Suicide Pineapple Drones now have a delay and sound before exploding
    - Reworked taser bot to shoot a weapon and have a targeting indicator (Wip)
    - Melee Enforcer now has an 1s ion shield, is generally slower, no more plating
    - Enemy riotguard can now shield bash when in melee range, removing shields
    - More improvements coming
    - New - Some missiles can be shot down (missile dronem Jet Boss)
    - Fixed random faction reroll after each map, now happens in third floor

    - Lightning Start difficulty modifier
    - Tactical difficulty modifier
    - Higher difficulty and terrorlevel is now harder
    - Run and gun and relaxed no longer reduce exp gain
    - Run and gun now has a deviation malus
    - Removed slow effect from lightning traps
    - Homing missiles and mortars are slightly harder
    - Flinch now has a 1 second cooldown (0.5s duration)


    - Weapon stats now all update and show armor pen and damage
    - (Damage is based on point blank damage right now)
    - Added ammo counter to player when below 25% ammo
    - Added ammo display on ammo pickup
    - Added
    EXP bar
    ingame which shows exp gained after combat ends
    - Added sound for levelup

    - Starting with some menu improvements but ongoing
    - Added quickplay button to the end screen
    - Added quickplay button to the class menu
    - Removed multiple layers on the end screen
    - Added scroll bar to difficulty modifiers


    - New Item: Helsing Power Bolt
    - DMR Sentry turret now spawns on Utility ability
    - Varied small tweaks
    - A solution for activating abilities is coming in the next 1-2 patches


    - New Attachment:
    Hair trigge
    r (Switches to semi auto)
    - Weapons now properly gain their own ammo pickup values
    This means that ammo economy has changed significantly,
    Let us know how you feel about certain weapons
    - Fixed pistols requiring much less upgrade parts than other starters
    - Many attachments have been fixed

    NEW Uncommon Special weapon -
    Heavy Flak Cannon
    NEW Epic Marksman rifle -
    R2000H Anti-Material

    - Added
    first version of ]always visible heatbar
    - Many weapons have increased heat, but there might have been some non optimal tweaks
    - Let us know which ones you want to see changed
    - Added Heat sound when reaching higher heat levels on shooting


    - Chrono TP reduced blur effect
    - Chrono Breaching charges reach 2m further
    - As mentioned, Chrono Striker, Trooper, Grenadier, Assault Grenadier speed slightly increased

    - Removed 2 tracks in training level which had Content ID enabled
    - Added one temporary track back, replacement is coming
    - Main menu and combat / idle tracks now should be shuffled randomly
    - Changed the weaker of the two headshot sounds to be more powerful (WIP)
    - Reduced music volume slightly in comparison with sounds

    - Fixed tons of actions that did not work fully (Shrines, Attachments, Perks etc)
    - Let us know if you see any things that still do not have their effects

    - Noticeably Improved single core performance
    - Varied improvements


    - Downloaded depots/mods are directly enabled
    Effects: Switch to Semi / Burst / Full Auto
    Conditions: Check for multiple entities in range
    Conditions: Check for Current ammo
    Conditions: Check for Totalammo
    Conditions: Check for Backpack ammo
    - Added varied weapon targeting indicators which can be used for enemies
    - You can now see if a collection has something inside (targets etc)
    - You can now delete an depot
    - Improvements to delete self action
    - Varied fixes
    - Added 18 Synthetik 1 weapon images for modding

    Modders join us on Discord if you want help with your things or talk with others about modding!

    We also have to note here that we are very impressed with the things people have created so far with the
    . There are some impressive classes already or great other mods like Caramel's difficulty modifiers or Egg's Tech Perks pack.


    - Chrono riotshields have an strange stun?
    - Some new perks do not work (Eraser, Defensive measures)
    - Keybindings sometimes do not save?
    - Enemy bullet speed is faster than it should
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  10. Eyestabber Arcane Patron

    Jan 15, 2015
    PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND they fucked up. Game misses everything that made the original great.

    Weapon upgrade kits? Gone. Replaced with shitty "perks".
    Items? Gone. You get 2 starter items now and everything is fucking passive/synergy.
    Inventory? Fucking gone. You can only change weapons, but there's no more item strategy. You keep what you get, but it's okay since nothing has a downside anymore.
    Special ammo? As far as I can tell, gone.
    Soundtrack? Replaced with generic techno and guns sound (and feel) like plastic toys
    Crazy gun variants? Gone.
    Adrenaline filled combat? Replaced with sparse mobs with terrible placement.
    Did you enjoy getting stunlocked occasionally? Now there's even MOAR stunlock
    Engineer class? FUCKING. GONE.
    Beautiful and unique 2.5D with 200+ FPS? Replaced with generic dogshit-looking 3D that RUNS LIKE SHIT.
    Movement slowed to a crawl, guns have much shorter ranges, engagement distances are short and reload takes forever. RIP sniping?
    Simple yet functional level design replaced with convoluted 3d crap. At first I thought "nice, verticality" but, HAHAHAHAH, NOPE. You can't shoot enemies above/bellow and I almost ragequit after not finding a shitty teleporter to continue.
    Convoluted upgrade trees, terrible UI, chests and shops are hard to make out among the visual clutter
    ANIME GURLLLL SHOP => I'm not even joking

    I'm sorry, I wanted this game to be good, but it simply isn't and it won't be. The design philosophy behind this "sequel" seems to have been inspired by Diablo 3: remove features, make everything passive, add pointless fluff and butcher the original's "soul" completely.
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  11. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017
    I have to admit that you aren't wrong. Especially the move to 3D seems unnecessary and hurts more than it adds to the experience. Some aspects are obviously work in progress still, like the UI, but others like the removal of active items seem like a fundamental misunderstanding of what made S1 good.

    Something that's giving me a bad feeling is the devs insistence on using Discord. No EA game has ever been improved by its Discord community.

    Here's the devs Road Map, apparently only accessible from Discord too...

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  12. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017
    Hey everyone!
    The new update is live, this time with a good mix of changes and improvements all around.
    The core systems are getting close to completion, many of the update components now work but it still needs a little more. The next update "Armory" will focus all around weapons and still estimated this December if all goes well.

    - New levels for Power Plant (Electro floor), including biological laboratory
    - New variations for rooms and spaces at existing levels
    - Visual improvements for environment objects

    - Improved cover in many areas for more cover gameplay
    - Improved enemy enounter placements in varied areas
    - Improved visibility in varied areas
    - Fixed varied spawn-camping areas
    This is an ongoing process, remember to post
    us screenshots of areas which are sub-optimal!



    - The first iteration of the Global chat is live!
    - Right now its only in the main menu, we will add it to the other places soon.
    - The new global chat has an improved featureset like support for channels,
    commands and a better ban system but right now its only the start.

    - NEW:
    Varied Chests and chest effects

    - NEW: Mayhem mode - Alternative gameplay modifier
    - Fixed a big issue introduced last patch that caused random weakpoints and strange damage
    - This affected both player and enemies
    - Increased credits from recycling (300 up to 1200 based on rarity)
    - Explosive (and other types) barrels system improved - be careful, they are really explosive now!
    - Summons now spawn rotated in player direction
    - Cursed chests now demand 75 kills, fixed curse granting better shield delay

    - There is now a protection against cheap deaths, it triggers if dropping below 30% health
    - This will be further refined over time. Let us know how this new one works out for you.


    A good chunk of items were added to spice up the pool. Loot should feel more varied now but of course more is to come


    - New Item:
    The classic Brawndo as you know it

    - New Item:
    Precision Strike
    A Mortar on command

    - New Item:
    Mortar Barrage
    Killstreak already?

    - New Item:
    Heat Sink
    Fueling the flames

    - New Item:
    Heat Spreader
    Powerful fire aura

    - New Item:
    Fire Prism
    Another returning S1 item

    - New Item:
    Twin Link
    Double the firepower

    - New Item:
    Shield Discombulator
    Some more defensive options

    - New Item:
    Fusion Mines
    Small and annoying

    - New Item:
    Stun Mines
    We know your favourite items are mines

    - New Item:
    Spike Strip
    A Police classic

    - New Item:
    PF42 Sticky Bomb
    More Big Explosions

    - New Item:
    Dog Whistle
    Time for a robo treat


    - 150 Icons got a HD upgrade, from 100x100 to 256x256 size, greatly increasing quality
    - Many new icons have been added in the editor, some are already in use within weapon perks


    Many improvements are done under the hood to make the very deep new upgrade system work optimally but it will need one or two more patches to be perfectly rounded. Per example, before all class abilities use charges by default to make upgrades possible which grant charges, but this will not be necessary anymore. This patch however marks a huge step towards the completion and will enable the majority of desired features.


    - Tooltips now
    show Item/Ability upgrades
    after bought
    is now implemented
    Double, Triple, Quad cast
    is now implemented
    Damage effects
    now scale with effect power
    now scale with effect power


    - Item / Ability power now shows in the tooltip
    Cooldown reduction
    now shows in the tooltip
    Charges recharge time
    now shows in the tooltip
    - Varied other improvements to action upgrade effects

    - Total overhaul, now should work well, opening a ton of new possibilities!
    - Most Effects now work and it can be used multiple times for crazy item combos.
    - This should mark a big change towards the run progression of the game
    - Some things do not fully work yet, most notably items which spawn things which spawn things
    - More improvements coming soon, getting all these things working is a priority right now

    - First step in improving the compositor
    - Pass on mobility upgrades
    - Varied fixes, changes and improvements
    - Class abilities now show their type (Class mobility, Core Ability, Utility Ability, Spec Ability)
    - More work on improving the compositor upcoming

    - New Tinkerer Terminal upgrade:
    Power Printing

    - Items rearrange themselves now after selling in the inventory bars
    - Shops now properly update after selling
    - Action Upgrade shops now technically allow multiple choices (item upgrade shop will later get it)


    - NEW: Propaganda Aura Turret
    - NEW: Shock Mortar Turret
    - NEW: Alarm Turret
    - NEW: Weapon Locker Turret
    These are in testing, we are looking for your feedback

    - Fixed the slow backwards rotating move some enemies did when attacked
    - Fixed an behaviour where recruits were waiting for 2-4 seconds doing nothing and just staring
    - A pass on AI, patrolling and movement is still upcoming
    - Fixed an issue where everything had random weakpoints
    - Fixed an issue from last update where enemy projectile speed was faster than it should
    - Fixed an issue where enemies used a wrong attack range, we will have to re-tune some things
    - Riotguards rear-size dead zone increased 130° > 200°
    - Reduced tier 1 enemies in second floor
    - Nerfed Arena sniper and last defender damage

    - NEW: automated level cleaning system:
    - several tiny robo-cleaners now are keeping all floors clean after any kind of hard battles!



    A Bigger pass all around weapons is planned for the next update

    - Until the december update rework, all weapons will now have 1 tech perk (up from 0-1)
    - Tech perks are default unlocked right now, this will be changed then
    - Increased damage amount required for perk unlocks
    - Added missing tooltips to starter handgun perks
    - Added notifier for upgrades

    - Patrol revolver damage 2.2 > 2, Recoil reset increment 15>20, Recoil reduced 20%
    - Kago Tear gas works again
    - Tokko Fusion recoil reduced
    - Shock Lightning launcher AOE improved
    - Industrial Breaching Cutter heat speed reduced
    - X1000 Heavy rifle accuracy and ejection speed reduced
    - P20 improved firing sound

    - New Attachment: Ignition Core (idea by IGNITRO)
    - Barebones allocator ammo regen 1 > 3
    - Reworked Stock Pouch
    - Fixed varied attachment issues


    - NEW: Reworked Class Menu
    - NEW: Classes are now automatically created and no longer need a save slot creation process
    - NEW: You can now also preview specs that you do not own
    - The class menu now is much faster, requiring half or less than half the clicks to switch a class
    - Note: Additional class slots had to be deleted, your first class slot is taken
    - Keep in mind that this is work in progress and will be further improved
    - Improved End screen, now shows additional weapon info such as attachments

    - Improved ammo counter at character
    - Now shows at <40% ammo and is larger, more visible flashing
    - Removed tooltip popups from all Items

    - Downloaded mods are now default enabled
    - Added filters to the Mod Browser
    - Added Mod Description (Duh) to the Mod inspector


    Big shout-out to all the great mods so far! What people have been making is very impressive.
    Remember to try them out - Its just a couple clicks away, installs automatically, no work required!
    You can join the modding discussions on Discord as well.


    There will be more class changes in the near future, but this should cover some of the biggest concerns and make some classes more fun

    - Chrono Trooper Chrono Charge Cooldown 18>17s
    - Chrono Trooper Chrono Charge now has 2 charges
    - Chrono Trooper Chrono Charge Damage from 700>600
    - Chrono Trooper Danger overdrive now refreshes shields
    - Chrono Trooper Prismatic Chain duration increased, now works properly
    - Chrono breacher Breaching Charges reworked - at best just try it out
    - Chrono breacher Defensive Focus now grants 1 breaching charge on plating loss
    - Shield Dome now grants 500 max shields and might give shields to summons
    - Chrono Striker will get a closer look soon
    - Varied fixes

    - Psy cloud grenade now also grants chance to not consume charges (given these are like cooldowns)
    - Psyonic field now reduces firerate 10% per shot for 2 seconds, damage 150>125
    - Psy Recon has a new focus perk
    - Base Recon now has +25% shield regeneration
    - Engine disabling shot now grants improved deviation for accurate shots
    - Anti-Tank mine now holds 2 charges
    - Varied fixes

    - Base Grenadier slight rework due to explosive run being unbalanceable
    - Explosive Run now consumes a grenade charge to explode
    - HE Grenade now has 1>2 charges
    - Explosive Run now has 10>7s cooldown
    - This gives flexibility in grenade usage and you can have more mobility as damage is not tied to mobility cooldown, also the explosion could be made stronger. Let us know what you think, if people hate it we can revert the change, but it should be for the better

    - Assault grenadier melee attack now has aoe targeting and effect
    - Bundle grenade now also uses ground targeting for better control
    - Fixed an issue where Reactive plating did not reduce max shield
    (Reactive plating is not nerfed in terms of plating, we'll see how the shield reduction plays out)
    - Varied fixes

    - Base Riotguard
    perk replaced with new perk:

    - Tear gas grenade now uses ground cursor target for better control
    - Judge life-steal reduced by 2.5%
    - Judge Orbital Authority now deals + 200 damage
    - Judge Orbital Authority now deals double elite damage
    - Judge Elite kill rewards now show a feedback panel

    In general many non working perk elements have been fixed, but please let us know if you see something not working. Remember you can use
    when viewing the tooltip to see some (but not all) details


    UniversEdit improvements are technical upgrades for the framework and the game.
    As we use the same UniversEdit as you (yours is much faster even), you will get all the same benefits

    - Modify current action cooldown, this changes a running cooldown directly
    - Set Charges Recharge Time To Cooldown Duration - used for charges upgrades, will see use soon

    - It is now possible to
    emit particles
    from varied bone positions on the character
    - This allows as example muzzle glowing effects, great for "next shot boost" and such effects

    - Foreground and background icons now use
    one shared pool

    - This granting
    tons of new
    visual icon
    design possibilities
    for actions
    - Many
    new icons
    have been added, especially
    Nano, Scatter, Fire, Ion, Curse

    [!!] Warning for Modders:
    Sadly we had to
    the ActionIconBackgrounds
    (the backgrounds behind the transparent icons) but you will see that it was worth it when trying it out

    - You can now have 2 shot sounds and mix together their volumes and pitches
    - Weapon shooting, Eject, Reload and Active reload now have pitch ranges
    - Pitch now can go into negative to reverse a sound

    - The debug menu is there to test your mods
    Edit: It was not intended to show all our content, so it will be temporarily disabled until its fixed, sorry!

    - New upper body animations which can be used for varied effects:
    - Weapon Spin
    - Weapon Slap
    - Weapon Quick Reload
    - Weapon Active Reload

    - Reload Speed Stat (yes we see the irony here)
    - Ejection Speed Stat
    - Armor Piercing Stat

    0-1 to 0-100
    - Most things like chances and percentages are now normalized to 0-100 range instead of 0-1 range
    - Crit chance, dodge, no ammo cost, double shot, jamming, multi cast, health percentage etc
    - Heat is not yet, but will be in the next days, tell us if you see something falling out of line

    - Added many more tooltips to Editor stats and similar
    - Note: If you use cooldown reduction, you usually also should add charge recharge speed
    - Increased size of text fields for better writing (having notpad++ nearby still recommended)
    - Removed some non relevant inputs from results
    - The 8-Ball action is now set up with a proper category, making it easy to add new 8-ball quote sets

    - Spawn Entity can now
    filter by category
    (per example spawn a random Tier 2 Police enemy)
    - Spawn Entity can now
    spawn multiple at once
    (both ideal for wave spawning events)
    - The same is enabled for
    Spawn Action

    - Spawn Entity now supports giving extra stat overrides to the entity, ideal for summons (+2000 hp..)

    - Mods will have to reapply their
    but you have way more choices now
    - Remember to check your weapons if they have
    ammo pickup
    not at 0 (@AnimeGirl)
    - Remember most chances now use and will use 0-100, check out the new tooltips!


    - Added 1 new track to Police Academy level
    - Added 1 new track to Missile Silo level
    - Added 1 new track to Oilrig level

    - Further AI performance improvements
    - Audio performance improvements
    - General
    performance improvements

    - Gamepad settings now properly save on exit
    - Added individual hotkeys for weapon slots
    - Settings now show which GPU is active

    - Changed many sounds to mono (as they should) - this reduces distortion on some
    - Sound normalization is off, let us know if you think some sound has degraded so we can fix

    - Fixed a ton of issues, too many to list
    - Many attachments, upgrades, items, class actions ... now work as they should
    - Please report us any effect you notice not working, remember you can check some things with

    - Varied impact sounds are missing
    - Attachments are missing their background images
    - Alarm Drones don't trigger
    - Multicast, Action critical etc Sounds are wrong
    - Upgrades have no limits right now and can go too crazy
    - Health-regeneration has an issue
    - ?



    It was planned that the Dec 14 was supposed to be the Weapon patch (and active item power slots), but since this one got a lot bigger than anticipated we have to see if we want to do it for the next week with more limited scope or have it around new year after the Christmas weeks, we'll keep you updated!

    Pretty solid changes for the first month we would say ; )
    As you can see, we are dedicated bring Synthetik 2 into its best form.
    A bunch more work is to be done, but this Update already marks a big step towards that goal.

    We will do a small fix patch ASAP tomorrow or so if needed.
    We hope you enjoy! - Team FFG
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  13. Fedora Master Arcane Patron Edgy

    Fedora Master
    Jun 28, 2017

    Hey everyone!

    We know its only been 2 weeks since the last one but we've got another update before the Holidays!
    As follow-up to the BOOSTER update, the BOOST PLUS update is continuing on the improvements around items and abilities but more of this work will need to be finalised in the near future.
    Here is what is new:


    - NEW
    Active Power Slots

    - Items which have the trigger "
    On class ability use
    " can now be toggled to use a
    power slot

    - In the Upgrade menu "U" you can click the power slot button to activate at no cost
    - You have
    2 potential power slots


    - This will allow
    manually activating the item
    with a hotkey
    - It also increases the Effect Power of the item, the first slot by 30%, the second slot by 15%
    - By default, your first 2 items will automatically have the power slots enabled

    Power slots are an ideal solution for all the issues with random active items, they allow you to have items on hotkeys but within a limited number, so you can never have 10 hotkeys at the same time, nor do you have to scramble with a fixed slot that is incompatible with other items. The power boost adds another layer of choice and could be extended to other items as well potentially. With this system, a player can also keep his items on reactive, or the amount of slots could be scaled up or down, or turned off by default (per example on Consoles) and the System shows even more potential for other upgrades.


    - NEW Cursed Item Chest
    - NEW Item -

    - NEW Item -
    Core of daring

    - NEW Item -

    - NEW Zir Shrine Event:
    Feat of Strength

    - NEW Zir Shrine Event:
    Steal Relic

    You can now find cursed items in special chests, or from a new Zir shrine event, they generally offer increased rewards or power but at a difficulty cost

    - NEW Item -
    Ghost Spawner

    - NEW Item -
    Twin Grenade

    Some items have been tweaked or their activation changed in favor of power slots.
    There is definitely more potential in the new system than is in use right now, we have some ideas
    already how to make even more use of power slots in the near future.

    - Item shops and rarity of items in shops have been increased for better choices
    - Now with crazy item upgrades and power slots, we are also testing having a
    cap of 6 items

    - This allows making more impactful choices and loadouts and reduces information overload

    This may sound like a negative at first but we think this does improves the quality of the gameplay and people who tested the beta seem to agree. Right now the items do not feel a lot like a loadout with an idea or strategy behind, but more like a random assortment of things like you would see in a passive upgrade driven game. Reducing the amount lets you keep track of what is going on and plan an actual loadout and strategy. In Synthetik 1 we had 8 items, now we have 8 items and 3-4 abilities, with the change this be closer to S1 (10 vs 8). Same as with the map sizes, bigger did not turn out to be better.

    With upgrades being a lot deeper now and the power slots, I think this is a good change towards more clarity and impactful choices, and stray away from "just collect things until full" - Shrike


    - We are slowly phasing out or reworking the current compositor upgrades
    - This is due to the current system not making much sense in the way it is used technically
    - The cool ones will either stay or become perks for terminals you can obtain
    - NEW - All
    abilities now can use the same upgrades as the items

    - Right now, the composites are staying as rare upgrades while more work is being done
    - The idea is to have later rare composites based on
    technology type of the item/ability

    - Both item & ability upgrade types now go up incrementally in cost
    - initially they should have a cap of 4 just like attachments, but we try this instead first
    - We still want to allow rare 6-8 upgrade god-items, but at 600 cost it was clearly game-breaking
    - Overall, the new upgrade system, while not fully complete yet, does show a lot of power already!

    - Varied
    terminal events
    varied events to be more interesting
    - 2 shops per map now appear more often
    - Item and weapon shops offer more rare goods
    - Weapon shops and gambling shrines are more rare
    - Item shops more common

    Overall terminals are starting to get in good shape and already offer a good amount of varied choices and formats now. Some icons also have been replaced.

    - Rarities had an issue fixed and now should behave as intended
    - This means in some shops the epic and legendary things are now as rare as they should

    The general rarity weighting looks/should look like this:
    50% - Common
    30% - Uncommon
    15% - Epic
    5% - Legendary

    In some loot/shops this was already the case more or less, but in some this will make a noticeable difference, so balancing is shaken up and we will gather feedback on this topic.
    Weapon/Item shops notably drop higher rarity level loot however


    - Silo and Training got some
    design changes
    - Some overly big and convoluted maps got more

    - Varied map improvements in terms of cover placement, collisions and spawn camping
    - Still an ongoing process, post your gripes in the level-issues channel on discord!


    We are trying to keep sizes more consistent throughout the game and reduce
    on overly huge maps, as they do not make for great gameplay, have a lot of backtracking,
    confusion and make the balancing of item/weapon drops very hard.
    We will continue with some adjustments to the Oilrig and Mainboard levels


    - Enemies AI shoots less unneccessary on cover positions
    - Arena Masters have more health
    - Armored defender armor increased
    - Bosses are now invulnerable in cutscenes
    - Reduced Silo Jet Boss health by 15%
    - Increased Sawblade Boss health by 15%
    - K9s have a different attack sound
    - Riotshield enemies have a much more generous backside attack area
    - Enemy shotgunners damage reduced a bit


    - Each class now has one pistol costing only
    75 Data
    (down from 150)
    - Each class now has one spec costing
    2 unlock tokens,

    - Exp requirement for level 5

    This makes you unlock some things fast in short playtime but doesn't let you unlock everything easily. Some new handguns are planned for the Armory update!

    - Amount of upgrade parts grants increased when above 350 parts
    - Precision Strike damage doubled
    - Reduced Facemelter damage
    - Chrono charge increased volume
    - Unstable chrono charge deals more damage
    - Varied specs had wrongly setup ability categories fixed
    - Grenadier Multi Talent duration 1>1.5s
    - Launchers now eject shells on reload
    - Improved chat colors
    - Changed Cheat menu to not cause a massive lag at the start, work in progress
    - Orbital Authority and Power kick have improved shake
    - Orbital Authority now deals more damage, executes targets if below 35%
    - Buffed Riotguard Judge lifesteal
    - Weapon swap no longer needs to complete the fire timer of the last shot
    - Facemelter now dosn't trigger if an enemy is within 5m range
    - Twice is the charm and double misfire now increase extra shot amount and work
    - Updated class menu a bit to be more clean and use class colors
    - Due to being super cursed, prismatic chain is being removed until reworked
    - Spike strip now is stronger, lasts 90 seconds
    - K9 item secret
    - Varied UI improvements
    - Varied unlisted changes which got forgot

    - Tons of things that were reported have been fixed
    - If you see any action or other related things which do not work as intended,
    please report them in the discord channel for action bugs (or Steam if must)
    and they will be fixed.


    - Many feedback sounds and player weapon sounds are now in 2D instead of 3D
    - This makes them have the proper volume they should and appear closer to you
    - Varied sound improvements
    - Known issue: Some sounds are overblown

    - Some smaller improvements, mostly for low settings
    - Remember to update your drivers if you haven't - this may definitely help!
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