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Codex Review Temple of Elemental Evil Review


Feb 21, 2003
Badsville, Ostrogothia
Whipporowill said:
Uh. What happened to the edit button?

Just wanted to add that it´s NOT a DVD-case.
Umm. It's a DVD-sized box. :?
I noticed that the manual lacked spiral-bounding, and I can't understand why bother to translate the quickstart manual since the game is in English anyway, and I really don't see the point of playing it without some knowledge in the language. (Why translate "alignment" with "alliance" anyway?)

But I also miss a real CD-case. Just lousy envelopes that fits "bargain bin" sell-outs. I think it's a nice game that deserves better.
But I might be spoiled since most games nowadays come in DVD-cases, so maybe I should at least be grateful for the box. :)

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