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The Universim

Mar 3, 2010

It sucks, it's retarded, terrible controls, horrible interface, it wants to be too many games (Populous, Black & White, Settlers) and fails at all of them because it's just not fun. Also it's retarded. Did I say it's retarded? It's retarded. During stone age you build gas extractors, glass factories and electric batteries*, an alien crashlands right by your base and sets up shop. At some point you finally ditch the painful micro but are still flooded with idiotic busywork, mostly because it's a "minions do 90% of the work" type of game but minions are retarded and refuse to work, even if you explicitly tell them what to do. You can appoint a minion to overwatch water consumes, all it does it keep building moar! MOAR! Of something you were already perfectly fine in the first place. There'se no seas, only lakes which regularly freeze during winter. Planets are tiny and you have to finish the game already to unlock different sizes or any other kind of option which would had made the game actually fun.
Worst of all, I anticipated this for so long, I completely forgot I already tried it a century ago and found it so boring and literally forgettable, but not this retardfest.

*: forgot to add: during stone age also your resident mormons build a shuttle and depart the planet.

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