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Tombs of Hinnom


Man with forever hair
Jul 22, 2019
RPG Wokedex
I am working on a new VR game.
Title name may not be final, I dunno.
I had an idea for a cool VR game kind of like Dark and Darker but in VR.
However, I am gonna start to make a much simpler version of the grand idea I had, to test the concept.

This is a first test, not sure if I would want it to be 3rd person like that, because it would be quicker to develop, or I want full FPS VR.

For those who don't know, Hinnom is the name of a Valley in Jerusalem where Sodom and horrible things happen. Like sacrificing people and children.
Valley of Hinnom is made into a word in Hebrew that it's meaning is Hell.
It might be the origin of the word Hell in English too.

So I used that name, not sure if it's the final product name.
The reason I might not like it, is because I kind of use Tombs a lot recently lol.



May 31, 2019
Turning around shouldn't snap like that but ease-into a direction. Also what's up with those weird lightsaber thingies, I've never played a VR game before, but are those really necessary?

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