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Interview Trinity Interview

Discussion in 'News & Content Feedback' started by Ausir, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Ausir Arcane

    Oct 21, 2002
    Tags: Forlorn World; Ground Zero

    <b>Przemo_nie</b> of <b>Ground Zero</b> has taken time to <a href=>answer our questions</a> about <a target=_blank href=>Trinity</a>.
    <i>6. Will the game be linear or not? How much freedom will the player have in exploring the world and the plot?</i>
    The player will have only one purpose after starting the game: to survive as long as he can. We might give the PC some quest to do, which will be his goal in life. However, as in life, he won't have to reach it. All the quests, campaigns, adventures, will be only an addition to the Great History of the World. In this game, the PC won't be a hero saving the mankind. The history of the world will be created by those that inhabit it, and the PC won't be able to influence the most important events. He will be able to try to get to know its details, meet the NPCs creating the history, or run from the place of historic events - for his own good.
    As the freedom? Nobody likes limitations, and neither do we.</ul>
    There are always some limitations. There's only RPG without any - <A href=>Toon</a>!
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