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Game News Vagrus - The Riven Realms: Sunfire and Moonshadow expansion announced


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Lost Pilgrims Studio; Vagrus - The Riven Realms; Vagrus - The Riven Reams: Sunfire and Moonshadow

The well-received post-apocalyptic fantasy sandbox RPG Vagrus - The Riven Realms has received quite a few updates since it launched in late 2021, including two free DLCs last year. With all of its originally planned features complete, Lost Pilgrims set out to develop the game's first proper expansion, which was announced today during Steam's Tacticon event. The Sunfire and Moonshadow expansion will add a new region to the game world called the Bronze Desert, a vast territory contested by three different factions. Here's the announcement post:

The time has finally come to announce our upcoming expansion for Vagrus and go into a little detail about what we’ve been working on for the past seven months. It’s been a long, hard road, and while we’re slowly making our way to the finish line, we still have a great deal of testing to do, plus numerous final touches to iterate upon. It’s a terribly exciting time at Lost Pilgrims Studio, and it’s time to share at least some of it with those who made it possible: you, the players. The expansion’s store page is available for viewing and is ready to be wishlisted on Steam, GOG, and Epic.

Those of you who watched Tacticon may have already seen our short teaser, but rest assured, we’ve embedded it in this post for your perusal (and speculation!). First, we want to answer the most pressing question, however – what exactly is this expansion about? We’ve put together some of the key details below, as well as the trailer beneath it:

Occupying the northwestern corner of the continent of Xeryn, a desert older than the Calamity lies between the Brown Mountains and the River Lethe: the Bronze Desert. It is a realm torn by war in more than one way. The Empire rallies its immense legions here, sending them north toward the Green Continent to lay waste to its lush lands while the elite Chimera Legion remains behind to oversee this arid staging ground. Deep in the desert, however, lurks a different threat – that of the Ahari. Birthed by the native Bandul and tempered by their unwillingness to yield in the face of Imperial oppression, the Ahari seek to win back their sacred oases and holy sites, fighting an impossible campaign of terror. Amidst it all are the Handjari, sworn allies of the Empire and stewards of the greatest city in all the Bronze Desert – Kabur, the Jewel of the North.

The stage is set, the stakes are high. Who will you, a mere vagrus, align yourself with? The mysterious Ahari and their Sun God or the cruel Chimera Legion and their ruthlessly pragmatic leader, the Legate? Your decisions will shape the fate of the region writ large, paving the way for a new, uncertain future throughout the Realms.

Sunfire and Moonshadow offers a new, vast region to explore complete with a swathe of new settlements, new enemies to conquer, new stories to be a part of, a large cast of characters, and new quests to complete through which your vagrus may make their mark on Xeryn. With all this, as well as the introduction of a central conflict involving three new core factions – the Ahari, the Chimera Legion, and the Handjari – the expansion features content roughly one-third the size of the core game.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to return to the Riven Realms and explore and exploit an entirely new region. We’ll keep updating you on the exact date of the release as we know more, but for now, rest assured – the expansion will drop sometime in Q3 of 2023. Until next time, stay vigilant, stay awesome, and conquer the wasteland!​

As mentioned, the Sunfire and Moonshadow expansion is scheduled for release sometime in Q3 this year. You can wishlist it on Steam here.


Jun 30, 2019
Finally got around to playing this after reading the news. It's actually fairly good, reminds me of Sunless Sea the most gameloop-wise. But you need to perservere through the extremely long tutorial. I get why they made it (it does a good job teaching you the things that you NEED to know), but holy shit it's long. And the best parts of the game do not get a chance to shine through due to being locked to a single, small area. After that, though? The moment you start the actual game (assuming you know what you're doing), you have a pretty good time

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