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Wabbajack Mod List Reviews(They're not minecraft guys, its lists not packs /s)


Sep 27, 2009
So, I've been going on a bend trying out some of the more interesting or WTF looking modlists. I've played about 10-15 hours of each of these. Just enough to get a feel for them. Some I haven't played in many updates so my opinions may be out of date. Others haven't updated since I played them.

Starting this off I'm going to fill your ears with shit. These are the bad mod lists I've tried. And haven't liked for various reasons. Generally these are requiem lists that don't adhere to requiem's core design philosophy and like two others.

THE SHIT TIER PACKS(That I've tried.)

Tsukiro. Sounds interesting. Fails execution. Ultimately falls flat because the combat is not really all that compatible with Skyrim's engine. Try's to blend Sekiro combat with Skyrim. And mostly accomplishes it, but again, just falls a bit short of fun because the style of combat is there, but the level of implementation is just below jank in quality. Add in pointless sex mods, and skimpy armors. And its a really weird situation that just feels like that mod list authors attempt to create their personal hardcore fetish list, that they then released. Hours played: 9.3

Qwest. Qwest is going to be on both the godly and the shit lists here, because ultimately, it's a VERY competent pack. It's main issue is that it is still, basically default skyrim with Enairim or Simonrim and a couple survival mods on top. Thankfully not Frostfalldownanddieevery5minutes. But still, it's a well put together mod pack that just focuses on stacking content. Also has the worst default bodyslide preset I've seen yet. Also nudity without being called an adult pack some how. So prepare to strip armor off and see a fully erect penis by default. There's some skimpy armors(But not a replacement mod thankfully) and it's not okay by wabbajacks rules to modify these things and ask for help on their discord. Hours Played, 15+.

Ultimate Skyrim: LE pack, that's basically requiem if you removed everything that makes requiem good. The economy is fucked, the gameplay is worse. Basically you could just install default Requiem as your only mod with it's requirements and in my opinion you'd be better off. Hours Played, 11.


Librum: Notable for having high production values and a good pack website. But ultimately, The things it changes water down the experience, and don't do enough to build it back up on the framework. It creates a decent experience but doesn't do enough to distance itself from default Skyrim to really set itself apart. But at least what it does do it doesn't do too poorly. It was also too dark for me to see 90% of the time. So I'm knocking points off it for that. Hours played, 10. Which was barely enough to get my first perk point. It's a very slow burn.

Total Skyrim Overhaul: Basically a mildly better version of Ultimate Skyrim. A little more difficult, a little more in line with requiem. But still failing to hit key aspects of its design in ways that enhance it rather than detract from it. Hours played ,11.

FO4EE: It's Fallout 4 with an overhaul, so slightly better and more focused. That's about it. It does improve Fallout 4 from shit to meh though. So I guess :thumbs up: Hours played, 5.

You are just and N'wah/YAJAN, a morrowind pack that's still in development, crashes too much and has ram issues, so it's meh, couldn't play enough to get a solid judgement of it. played 2 hours, crashes 40.


The Good Tier Packs:

Tend to your Frontier: The good quest mods, Frontier, and a few lite overhauling touches without altering too much of FONV's design philosophy. Hours played, playthrough still in progress, just finished Primm.

Relics of Hyrule: Grand Admiral Thrawn Edition, still mostly default skyrim, but with enough variance, and batshit insane stuff to keep it interesting. Could probably see video game dunkey creating a mod based video on this mod list and it turning out alright. 10 hours played going back and playing it on occasion.

The God Tier Packs:

Viva New Vegas: The best base for a New Vegas install. Nuff said. I did a full playthrough on a manual install of VNV. So 60+ hours.

Qwest: This is default plain jane skyrim gameplay not overly altered not overly difficult, if you liked Default Skyrim, this honestly doesn't make too many changes to the formula, and is good for a powerfantasy romp. With minimal crashes, and a good amount of tweaking you can do to make it fit. Along with oodles of new content. Some good some bad. It's basically the god tier of if you like skyrim play this. Hours played 15+. God tier for what it is, if you like this kind of stuff.

Dungeons and Deviousness: Yes, porn. Best porn list for actual gameplay. Plays like some masochistic life simulator. Drink milk, become a cow, embrace debauchery. And most of the time it will function mostly without issues for general gameplay. 8 hours played. It's weird that the best mod list I've played, and enjoyed, is a porn one. But it successfully creates an experience that none of the others managed to capture. And that's amazing to me.


Sep 27, 2009
Wabbajack sounds boring, why not go with mods you want to go with individually?
Honestly, for me it's because I wanted to see what other people could come up with, creatively with Skyrim as a base.

For other people, it's because modding has so many gotcha's that it makes making your own list costly on time, heavy on trial and error, and even then there's potential you'll get it wrong at the end.


Jul 23, 2015
The Khanate
Just spotted this thread. Here are my impressions after trying a number of lists, some briefly, others for a bit longer.

Elder Souls (dead): Here for reference, this was my first complete overhaul experience, in that it completely changed the core gameplay and the systems surrounding it. Great atmosphere, kitchen sink approach to enemy types, spend gold to level up. Had some bugs, most annoyingly the limited save system was really hit or miss at times which forced me to cheat and circumvent it. Maintained by a tranny. Unfortunately not available anymore, I archived my Frankenstein installation for future archeologists to find. 40+ played

Dungeons and Deviousness: I have played none of this as it is intended to be played, rather just treating it as a sandbox. By not enabling a few intrusive mechanics and just adding a truckload of outfit mods and tools (Additemmenu, EFF cosmetic menu) you can turn it into a very pretty harem sandbox if that's what you want. ??? hours played

The Phoenix Flavor: gave this to a casual family member to play as babby's first Skyrim and if a vanilla+ experience is what you want, I don't think you can do better than this. No superfluous additions, just enhancing what is already there, so perfect for a first playthrough. Surprisingly pretty too considering the author claims it heavily prioritizes performance. I don't think that's quite true.

Aldrnari: probably the current king of modlists even though it is new. 1700+ mods means there is just more of everything. Takes inspiration from Elder Souls while not just being a copycat. Very pretty (and demanding), surprise nudity. I ditched the default ENBs and went with Ominous with tweaked colors and it fits like a glove. Every place has something new and I am really enjoying exploration. Good difficulty level without turning it into a masochism simulator. Focus on audio as well. 20+ hours played
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Oct 23, 2017
Been out of the scene for a while. What ever happened to the Nexus collections feature? Was that ever really going to invalidate Wabbajack for Premium users? Has it been implemented yet? Out of curiosity I tried to install Viva New Vegas last night and I was getting 5-10FPS in the Goodsprings exterior area on a high-end system and quit.


Dumbfuck Douchebag! Possibly Retarded Edgy
Apr 20, 2019
I tried Serenity 2 back when it was in beta. It's quality stuff. It's just Requiem + graphics mods + content mods + QoL. However, I didn't and don't care for that legacy of the dragonborn shit that bloats the game.

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