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Game News Wasteland 2 beta gets an update, now supports Linux


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: InXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

Here's a press release from inXile that we didn't get yesterday because it got lost in the mail somehow:

Wasteland 2 Early Access Now on Linux
Major Update Released

Newport Beach, CA – April 18 2014 – Today inXile is proud to add Linux support to Wasteland 2 Early Access, making it available on all three platforms promised in the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter: Windows, OSX and Linux.

Along with Linux support, the beta version of Wasteland 2 has seen a major update, adding another major area in Arizona, the new vendor screen, and numerous tweaks, fixes and optimization passes. The full patch notes list roughly 400 such changes: http://wastelandrpg.tumblr.com/post/83039841274/wasteland-2-early-beta-update-39080-notes

With these major systems implemented, Wasteland 2 is in the final stages of development. The Steam Early Access Release now includes over 40% of the game.
We already know all about this update, since it was described extensively in the previous two Kickstarter updates, but for completeness' sake, here's a list of the main improvements from the changelog:

High Profile Fixes:

The Titans have been released! A new area is available.

The vendor screen has been completely redesigned!

Tutorials have been added

New Mark Morgan tracks

Large balance pass on weapons and dropsets across the world

Large armor penetration pass on weapons and armor class pass on enemies

Many optimizations and compatibility fixes

Tons of new ambient tracks and in-world sounds added to all AZ levels

Ag Center/Highpool/Prison now unlocked from start

Ag Center and Highpool can both fall now

Reduced loading times across all scenes​

Thanks to Brother None for informing me of the press release that wasn't.


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May 1, 2007
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ever since that update i have a fuckton of pointer issues when dragging objects, both in hardware and software mode...


Jun 4, 2010
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Waiting for the next 5gig patch, or perhaps the release. I'm tired of slogging through the opening area.


inXile Entertainment
May 3, 2011
ever since that update i have a fuckton of pointer issues when dragging objects, both in hardware and software mode...
Not to hop into tech support mode too much, but feel free to report this on CenterCode or drop an email to support@inxile.net. A dxdiag report would be very useful, as well as a more accurate description of the cursor issues (i.e. how exactly do these issues manifest).

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