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unida e indivisible
Undisputed Queen of Faggotry Vatnik In My Safe Space
Sep 7, 2015
Make the Codex Great Again!
Your profile is set so I can't start a private convo with you
I keep forgetting that but I'm so popular that it gets crazy. This must be how Taylor Swift feels!
You're the one who calls himself — The Old Man, right..? perhaps it's just my prejudice and it was really Infi, but you solicited information from me and I couldn't respond.

You seem upset
You're not Crispy

911 Jumper

Jun 12, 2023
Does anyone know how much you have to donate to unlock Reactions?

One thousand dollars
I could have reacted to this instead of replying with a post.

I'm pretty sure it's $5, but I used to donate $15 a year so I don't know for sure if $5 works.
Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can reach out to the mods directly to find out. I do remember being told that I'd either have to wait one year or donate [to unlock Reactions].

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