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witcher 1 fcr mod


May 25, 2015
on the back of a T34.
so im replaying the witcher 1 with fcr on witcher difficulty and i have some problems with vampires.
im on chapter 3 on the quest where the leader of the scoiatel commandos ask you to check out some elven ruins beneath the temple district.
so i went there and there is a bruxa which i cant kill because it regenerates the dmg i do (i already crafted and applied a vamp oil),i do like 4 dmg per hit.
part of this dead end is my doing because i didnt buy the silver rune from thaler in chapter 2 so i cant forge a better silver sword (still using the one i was given in chapter 2).also i spread my skill points all over the tree instead of rushing first the str tree with its dmg upgrades.

Old Hans

Oct 10, 2011
heres my nintendo power tip - DRINK ALL THE POTIONS

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