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Frayed Knights 2 Flythrough Video

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Frayed Knights 2 Flythrough Video

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 4 August 2015, 00:37:22

Tags: Frayed Knights 2; Jay Barnson; Rampant Games

Jay Barnson's Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath, the sequel to his 2011 comedic blobber, Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon, has been in development since 2012. Today, in a post on his blog, Jay finally unveiled its first gameplay video. Well, sort of. It's actually a "flythrough video" that he used to attract attention towards the game during a recent conference. Here's the video, along with some notes from Jay about the game's demo build and its success (or lack thereof) with the younger crowd that attended the conference:

First of all, we used the level from the Comic Con demo, mainly because it is at the highest level of completion and was designed to be a tiny mini-adventure that could be completed in about five to ten minutes. However, the game (and the level itself) has changed a lot since then. We used the new, full UI this time around, although I disabled lock-picking to avoid complicating the game too much. Actually, what I did was add a new ‘impossible’ lock flag which pops up a message in the case of full-on plot-protected doors. I hope to use them extremely sparingly if at all outside of the demo.

One of the new additions (taken from a lesson learned at Comic Con) was an “attract mode” added to the game. It was inspired somewhat by the menu screen in the original Unreal. It actually worked quite well. Maybe too well… I had a constant stream of players and no chance to take a break the entire night. I’ve included a video of a full ‘cycle’ of the fly-through. It looks better at 60 fps with no compression / streaming artifacts at full resolution, but it should give you the idea.

The players were (mostly) teenagers. About half of the players really didn’t “get it.” They had trouble with the controls, with a first-person perspective, with the style, or the amount of text. About half or one third of the remaining players REALLY seemed to get it. They were laughing at the text, asking great questions, digging into the spell-system, really trying to master the combat options, and so forth.

I don’t know if that was a good or even representative ratio. I told my wife, “I’d rather make a game that a few people really love than a lot of people think is just ‘okay.’ ” He answered that she wanted me to make games everybody loves, which… well, okay. Yeah, that’d be awesome, but how do you do that?

We didn't report about that Comic Con demo last year. You can actually catch a few glimpses of in-engine footage in this short interview with Jay that took place there. The game's first official screenshot was also revealed last year:

There's still no release date for Frayed Knights 2, but it looks like things are starting to warm up. Time to start paying more attention.

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