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Jay Barnson

Jay Barnson

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4-Aug-2015 [Preview] Frayed Knights 2 Flythrough Video
30-Jul-2013 [Editorial] Matt Chat 203: Matt Plays Frayed Knights
16-Apr-2013 [Game News] Frayed Knights 2: Khan of Wrath Announced
11-Feb-2013 [Editorial] Rampant Coyote on Creating Good High-Level CRPGs
26-Jan-2013 [Editorial] Rampant Coyote on Ways to Spend Money in RPGs
18-Jan-2013 [Editorial] Rampant Coyote on Dice Rolls and Luck
4-Jan-2013 [Editorial] Rampant Coyote on Progression in CRPGs
8-Dec-2012 [Editorial] Rampant Coyote on Level Up Frequency
24-Sep-2011 [Preview] Extravagant Frayed Knights Codex Preview Feature

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