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Frayed Knights 2: Khan of Wrath Announced

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Frayed Knights 2: Khan of Wrath Announced

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 16 April 2013, 19:42:18

Tags: Frayed Knights 2; Jay Barnson; Rampant Games

Even though Jay "Rampant Coyote" Barnson has been blogging about the sequel to his humorous turn-based first-person RPG Frayed Knights for a while already, it has only now been finally officially announced, under the title of Frayed Knights 2: Khan of Wrath. IndieRPGs.com offers a nice summary:

FK2:KoW is being built from the ground up in Unity, so unlike the first episode, this one should run on Mac and Linux as well as Windows. It looks like Jay Barnson took some of the UI criticisms he received after the first episode to heart, as he has completely redesigned the user interface for episode 2. Given that the interface was 40% of everything that bothered me about the first episode, I find this to be a most welcome development.

The party roster will be expanded this time around, with support for six characters instead of just four (though you’ll still be able to import your characters from the first episode). There have been some changes to the game’s underlying rules, balancing changes to various feats, and the inclusion of a new “dynamic spells” system that will complement the original game’s stable of “fixed spells.”​

Rampant Coyote's blog has a more detailed Q&A. Here's a quote:

Q: What’s the level range will Khan of Wrath?

A: Right now, we’re targeting level 10 through around level 20, though you may be able to progress a little above that.

Q: Wait, did you say six characters?

A: Yes, yes I did.

Q: Who else do you play in the game, besides Arianna, Benjamin, Chloe, and Dirk?

A: Someone who’s name begins with an E. And someone who’s name begins with an F. And one with a G. And one with an H. Possibly others, but we’re not promising anything beyond that.

Q: So when’s the Khan of Wrath going to be released?

A: Alas, it’s not happening this year. But we hope to be in serious testing by the end of the year. I was really pushing for that, but real life conspired to kick me about six months behind schedule. It’s the trouble that comes with being a part-time indie.​

I, for one, welcome the increase in party size.

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