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BattleTech Kickstarter Update #2: Story Campaign Unlocked, New Stretch Goals

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BattleTech Kickstarter Update #2: Story Campaign Unlocked, New Stretch Goals

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 30 September 2015, 21:01:56

Tags: BattleTech; Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman

The BattleTech Kickstarter campaign has successfully raised a million dollars, unlocking its Stage 2 single player story campaign in just 25 hours. Harebrained Schemes have not been caught flat-footed and the Stage 2 stretch goals are already prepared. The latest Kickstarter update has the details on those, as well on the progress of the campaign's social media "Backer Missions". Oh, and a video from Jordan Weisman explaining this week's "Bonus Mission". Here's some of that:

MechWarriors of the Inner Sphere, Harebrained Schemes High Command salutes you!

That was a truly astounding first day of backing and we are awed that in one 24 hour period you came together to unlock:
  • Combined Arms
  • Expanded Mission Objectives
  • Expanded Environments
But you did more than just complete these worthwhile STAGE 1 objectives! Through your valiant efforts, we have achieved STAGE 2 and unlocked the Single Player Story Campaign in a single day!

The Global BattleTech Community has spoken with one voice and affirmed that BattleTech is more than just big stompy robots battling it out. It’s a dynamic, centuries-spanning science fiction setting filled with intrigue and cutthroat politics - a fertile environment for rich storytelling. And thanks to your efforts, the Single Player Story Campaign is a reality. We thank you.

Now, MechWarriors, it’s ONWARD towards our next major objective: STAGE 3 - The Extended Mercenary Campaign!

As you will see, we have added several key targets on our march to STAGE 3.
  • $1,100,000 - Cinematic Transitions: We'll add short cutscenes for various events in game - such as deploying your forces to the battlefield - and for key moments in the single-player story.
  • $1,200,000 - Player-Character Origin Stories: In BATTLETECH, you’ll create your own mercenary character to star in the story. If we hit this funding level, you'll be able to choose one of six origin stories for your mercenary commander's career. Are you the only heir of a once noble family that has since fallen from favor? The bastard child of a famous MechWarrior? You decide.
  • $1,350,000 - Voice Acting: We'll record a cast of talented voice actors to act as your advisers, provide mission briefings, and record battlefield emotes. We’ll also add voice acting to the animatics for important moments in the story.
  • $1,550,000: 3D MechWarrior Portrait Customization: We'll build a complete 3D portrait customization system for you to customize the look of both your MechWarriors and your own Mercenary commander.
And how do we reach our STAGE 3 objective? Together.

BattleTech has turned out to be the fastest-funding turn-based Kickstarter in a very long time, and unless it suffers a Bard's Tale IV level of mid-campaign decline, it seems likely to hit all of its stretch goals. I guess that even in 2015, a popular license and an underserved audience can go a long way. Harebrained Schemes, you're playing in the big leagues now.

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