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BattleTech - a Codexian Fundraiser

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BattleTech - a Codexian Fundraiser

Community - posted by Angthoron on Sun 18 October 2015, 10:40:27

Tags: BattleTech; Harebrained Schemes

With an almost traditional delay, we're officially launching a BattleTech Codexian fundraiser! This time our initial goal is at just $1000 - which will net us a nice package of a bunch of raffle-able stuff as well as some things to make our entry truly memorable and game-defining:
YOUR NAME and CUSTOM MESSAGE in the CREDITS! You’ll be listed in the game’s credits along with a short message you get to write.

A UNIQUE CUSTOM EMBLEM for YOUR MERCENARY OUTFIT. All players will be able to choose an emblem from a standard set to represent their mercenary outfit, but yours will be CUSTOM PAINTED and UNIQUE TO YOU! You’ll work with the HBS ART TEAM to design your own mercenary emblem which will appear as your Mercenary identifier in the game, on your 'Mechs, and in social locations such as forums and leaderboards (if the multiplayer Funding Stage 4 is achieved.)

A high-quality DIGITAL COPY of your emblem, suitable for printing.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, everyone participating in the fundraiser at $25 or higher will get a copy of the game just like with Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Unfortunately it would take a lot of work for HBS guys to be able to offer us extra rewards, so things like Backer Atlas Mech from the $50 tier are off the table.

Still, this is a great deal of supporting and getting the game and salting that one Twitter guy's wounds again, so go fundin'!

Once again, for any questions or issues with pledges, contact Angthoron.

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