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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Update #75: Enhanced Edition Released

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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Update #75: Enhanced Edition Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 27 October 2015, 17:03:34

Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Larian Studios

Today, a year and four months after its original release, Larian have released the Enhanced Edition of their magnum opus, Divinity: Original Sin. I'm sure you've read enough about the improvements the new edition is introducing in all of the promotional material they've released over the past couple of weeks, so I'll cut right to the chase. From the accompanying Kickstarter update:

It’s been over a year in the making, but it's been worth it. Today, we are very proud to deliver to you Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition!

What makes our Enhanced Edition different from others? Check out our latest home-brewed trailer to find out just how far we went to bring you the ultimate Divinity experience:

How do I get my copy of Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition?

If you already purchased the original Divinity: Original Sin
, you will receive the Enhanced Edition FREE as a download in your Steam or GOG account. This will appear as a second entry in your library, next to Divinity: Original Sin. Download it and get to playing! (Oh, and spread the word to your friends who didn't try it yet :) )

If you’ve never purchased the game, head over to Steam or GOG and make your purchase!

Errrrr... is the Tactician Mode for me?

It could be, but only if you're really comfortable with cRPGs in general, and Divinity: Original Sinin particular. Check out the following interview with Edouard (who worked on the combat design) to discover what Tactician Mode is and how it was created.

In Closing

We’ll be back with more Divinity: Original Sin 2 content very soon. Until then? Check out the new website dedicated to the Enhanced Edition right here! Or start playing of course - it's a whole new game!​

Also included in the update is the new edition's changelog, both a link to a long version on the Larian forums and a short version (which is also too long to quote here). For those who don't already own it, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is available for $40, same as the original. If you do own it, now's the time for that playthrough you've been putting off. Enjoy!

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