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New Knights of the Chalice 2 Development Update

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New Knights of the Chalice 2 Development Update

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 9 November 2015, 16:30:41

Tags: Heroic Fantasy Games; Knights of the Chalice 2

Pierre Begue penned a new development update on Knights of the Chalice 2 over on his Heroic Fantasy Games forum. As some of you may have noticed just now, it's in the KotC Buyer subforum, so not everyone can read it. What an unfortunate instance.

I will now just quote the section in which he talks about his plans for the near future and then later post the entire thing in the comments thread for everybody to see. Here you go.

So what's the plan now?

The plan for me is to continue developing the engine and hopefully have a somewhat feature-complete engine in 2016. I wish I could say for sure that the engine will be feature-complete in 2016 but the amount of work remaining is so overwhelming that it could very easily take longer.

Once the engine is somewhat feature-complete, I'm thinking to submit both KotC 1 and KotC 2 to Steam Greenlight. Also thinking to launch a Kickstarter which, depending on the result, may or may not allow me to work full time on, say, the first three modules.

Here is a list of the work that remains to be done just for the engine:

* Graphic upgrade of editor screens. Not too complicated but I expect it will take two or three weeks to upgrade the remaining screens using the new interface design.

* New character classes. Also not very complicated but it will require some time to implement the new classes I talked about in the previous update.

* Creature wizard upgrade. The editor's creature wizard, used to give class levels to monsters, needs to be upgraded to take into account the new classes and new class features like the Druid's Elemental Sphere.

* Combat actions. This includes a lot of coding of the interface and mechanisms associated with combat actions like Bull Rush and Trip. Includes work on the implementation of the various feats. Also includes the implementation of a looting screen after the party defeats a group of enemies.

* Spells. This includes work on the spell database, intricate graphic work on particle and projectile animations, work on the interface for specific spells, work on the application of spell effects, plus work on displaying magic effects and conditions on characters.

* Enemy AI. The recreation of the AI from KotC 1, adjusted to the new system. Very intricate work, needs lots of testing, lots of time. This includes a script system to control AI actions each round, if that is desired by the module creator.

* Help entries. Not as important as the other parts, of course, but still important. Adding help entries on topics like feats and conditions will claim a solid chunk of time.

* Magic item database. This refers to non-weapon magic items like magic rings, boots, belts, amulets, cloaks, bracers, potions, robes and helmets, plus a few artefact weapons, shields and armour. A quick look through my notes reveals around 93 items I want to implement, plus 46 potions. You know what kind of items I'm talking about, there are many like that in Neverwinter Nights 1 and Neverwinter Nights 2. For example, an Amulet of the Gorgon that provides the wearer immunity from petrification. Other examples include a Bag of Holding, a Necklace of Fireballs, a Belt of Battle, a Circlet of the Healer, etc.

* Polishing. This essential part includes disparate things like adding a tab-key function to highlight things, adding character-sheet buttons to cycle between party members, adding a few animated sparkles on item stacks on the floor, implementing additional interface and environmental sounds, adding spell shortcuts (maybe at the bottom of the combat-actions list), making sure that all the keyboard shortcuts work, etc.

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