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ADOM released on Steam

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ADOM released on Steam

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 16 November 2015, 20:44:34

Tags: Ancient Domains of Mystery; Thomas Biskup

Back in 2012, development on classic roguelike Ancient Domains of Mystery (commonly known as ADOM) was restarted after a nine year hiatus thanks to a successful IndieGogo campaign. After over three years of arduous development, during which creator Thomas Biskup nearly suffered an emotional breakdown or two, the game is now available on Steam for $15 minus 10% launch discount. Here's the trailer and description from its Steam page:

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) is one of the most successful roguelike games ever created, boasting a brilliant mix of story, RPG, exploration, and intensely strategic and flexible combat. The Steam version adds various Deluxe features like achievements, difficulty level customization and various play modes (e.g. a story mode allowing to save and restore games, a weekly challenge game, an exploration mode and more). ADOM has been in development since 1994. In 2012 its development was revitalized with an immensely successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, now allowing us to offer ADOM both with ASCII and graphical modes enabling you to choose freely.

ADOM is primarily known for being the first roguelike to include vibrant towns, NPC dialog, and quests, but it offers more than just a rich story line in a complex fantasy world:
  • a huge game world with hundreds of locations such as towns, randomized dungeons, elemental temples, graveyards, ancient ruins, towers and other secrets
  • loads of races (dwarves, drakelings, mist elves, hurthlings, orcs, trolls, ratlings and many others) and even more classes (fighters, elementalists, assassins, chaos knights, duelists and much more) allowing for infinite play styles
  • hundreds of monsters and items, many with enhanced random features
  • a corruption system forcing you to balance lust for power with fear of damnation (corruptions slowly transform you into a vile monster but at the same time grant inhuman benefits - most of the time)
  • spells, prayers, mindcraft, alchemy, crafting and more
  • dozens of quests and branching story lines
  • numerous wildly different endings that might alter reality itself (simply drive Chaos away or slay a god or even become an immortal yourself, and others more)!
  • various game modes (story mode to be able to load and save games, challenge mode to face peculiar weekly challenges, exploration mode for a free wand of wishing and more)
  • various customization options (turning hunger off, turning corruption off, modifying monster difficulty or treasure rates)

What's that, you say? "ADOM costs money now? Heresy!" Well, don't worry, earlier builds are still available for free on the game's website. To get the latest and greatest version with all the Steam features, though, you'll need to pay up. After working on this game for more than twenty years, I think the guy deserves it. For more information on ADOM, check out our review from earlier this year.

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