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Restricted Area in Gamer's Pulse's Top Ten

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Restricted Area in Gamer's Pulse's Top Ten

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 19 March 2003, 03:54:04

Tags: Restricted Area

Gamer's Pulse has posted up their Top Ten RPGs to look forward to article, which is mostly console drivel, but they put the master creating cyberpunk/sci-fi CRPG, Restricted Area on page 3, along with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Since the latter's getting enough hype already, here's a clip about Restricted Area:

According to the developers, Restricted Area plays similarly to Diablo ? emphasizing quick combat and intuitive controls along with plenty of monster slaying and dungeon exploration. In addition to computer-generated dungeons and sub-quests, an innumerable amount of unique items is promised. There are two main item types that correlate to character improvement: "Cyberware" and "Bioware". Both act as the armor or special items found in traditional RPGs, while weapons, consumable goods (med kits, etc), and quest items are all present in typical form.​

What's sad is that Temple of Elemental Evil isn't on this list, but gobs of crappy console games are. Ugh.

Spotted this at RPGDot.

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