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Age of Decadence Post-Release Update #2: More on the Dungeon Crawler and Colony Ship Projects

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Age of Decadence Post-Release Update #2: More on the Dungeon Crawler and Colony Ship Projects

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 29 November 2015, 21:31:04

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Dungeon Rats; Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

Vault Dweller has published a new Age of Decadence post-release update over at the Iron Tower Studio forums. Like the previous update, it has information about the game's sales and upcoming updates, as well as about Iron Tower's future projects, the as-yet-unnamed Dungeon Crawler and Colony Ship RPGs. But this update goes into a lot more detail about those - more detail than I thought existed at this stage. Check it out:


As of today, we sold over 30,000 copies and our future looks a bit brighter. It's not a success story yet, but it's not a horrible failure either, and when it comes to indie RPGs the latter is a far more likely outcome as it's getting increasingly hard to gain visibility. Not complaining but stating the obvious.


Right now we're still working on the endgame improvements. I do agree that the ending is too abrupt and has to be expanded, both in terms of options and scope:

1. An NPC/optional combat in the temple - done
2. Traveling with a lord and his men to the temple, featuring enemy patrols, Aurelian attempts to destroy locations leading to it, like blowing up Hellgate, zealots looking for the temple, Neleos, etc) - need about a month to do it right.
3. "The Battle of the Five Armies" - work in progress but probably not in the next update
4. The Rise of the Chosen One - work in progress
5. Individual Endings - work in progress.

Dungeon Crawler:

First, I want to set the expectations straight as some people are wondering if it's going to be like Legends of Grimrock or Icewind Dale. It will be a combat-heavy game for people who like our combat system and want to see it in a party-based setup. It will be an inexpensive game (around $8) so don't expect a full-scale RPG there.

Basically, you'll start the game at the bottom of a prison mine and will have to recruit other prisoners and fight your way out. Probably 40-50 fights in total. There will be new creatures as well. Here is what Ivan is working on right now.

Colony Ship RPG

While it's way too early to talk about it (as in 'I don't have time to write down a lengthy post introducing and properly explaining the concept'), here are some things for your amusement.


All firearms are ship-made; most are crude, angular weapons. It’s a 'rediscovered' tech (we all know what flintlock weapons are but we don’t make them, so if we have to start making them again, we’ll have to rediscover the tech we’re vaguely familiar with).

They have relatively low accuracy but most firearms tend to be multi-shot weapons (either more barrels or revolving cylinders or burst). They are made by various smiths for the militia and 'adventurers', so they vary in form and style.

- Pistols use powerful 0.45 ammo but most are single-shot guns. More advanced models add more barrels or revolving action.
- SMG use cheap 9mm and have burst mode.
- Shotguns use cartridges and have the widest spread.

We can consider ammo variations within each class but it’s not necessary as 3 different types are more than enough.


Energy weapons are Earth-made. Since they have no recoil, large stock isn’t necessary, so where the firearms and crude and angular, the energy weapons are elegant and curved (think flintlocks).

They are single shot weapons that are extremely accurate but slow to fire. They use energy cells (one ammo type for all weapons) that are very rare. Some places sell re-charged cells but they are less effective.

- Pistols
- Rifles have the longest range and best accuracy; the sniper’s weapon
- Cannons (weapons that were mounted on mechs); consume an entire cell when fired.
Also included in the update are images of various pistol models from the Colony Ship RPG, its rather noir-ish intro text and a short summary of its premise. Go take a look - I can already tell it's going to have some unusual art direction for a science fiction game.

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