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Chris Avellone Interviewed By Gameinformer, Discusses Obsidian Departure

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Chris Avellone Interviewed By Gameinformer, Discusses Obsidian Departure

Interview - posted by Zed on Sun 3 January 2016, 12:23:17

Tags: Chris Avellone

While artfully dodging any particular reason for his departure from Obsidian, Chris Avellone discussess the topic in an interview with Gameinformer.

There's a few things to say here, none of it negative or scandalous or sensationalist, just food for thought. I want to make cool games of any size, any genre with cool people. Anything else (example: money, the best company car) is not important to me. I still think back fondly working with Subset Games, for example. Low ego, high humility, and I loved working on FTL. And I did it for free because I loved it so much. Guess what? I look back on it, and my soul is happy. Perfect.​

Explaining his role at Obsidian, it sounds like he wasn't fully comfortable with the restrictions which being a vaguely defined Creative Director entailed.

Other topics include A Day In The Life, favorite games, Felicia Day and how Icewind Dale was pretty much a step down from Baldur's Gate in every way (– agreed). Lastly, he touches on the future of Chris Avellone:

But seriously? RPGs and stories will always be in my blood. As the years march on, I'm sure I'll still be writing characters that rage across the multiverses – but they always do so in an attempt to help the hero stand out as even more of a hero than they would if the world was silent.​

Read the full interview here.

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