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Seven Dragon Saga February Update: Shaping the World

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Seven Dragon Saga February Update: Shaping the World

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 11 February 2016, 23:10:40

Tags: Seven Dragon Saga; Tactical Simulations Interactive

After taking a break for the holidays, the developers of Seven Dragon Saga have resumed their regular update schedule. In the latest post, they offer a glimpse at the game's strategic world map:

The art team is beginning to shape the strategic map of the Firewind Coast, the setting for our first Seven Dragon Saga game. The water level is laid in, but not colored, and the rest of the color is just blocked in, but you should be able to see where we are headed. Harsh mountains, deadly badlands to the east, and sinister swamps to the far north will provide plenty of areas for exploration.

The lands are several hundred miles east to west, so there are plenty of places to discover ruins, stumble upon dangerous monsters, and uncover artifacts of power. Skills determine what you can discover, and how much effort it is to travel. Players can camp to rest and recover.

The game begins around the large bay in the north, the country of Aphelon, populated by the part draconic Feydri. They had belonged to a much larger, united kingdom, stretching well to the east, but their cousins, the Drakyri offended the dragons and paid the price. Now the mountains are awash in monsters, bandits and rebels, and the farther east is a parched badland, full of melted ruins, and shattered cities. The Drakyri themselves, cling to life deep underground, away from the keen sight and long memories of the dragons.

As we want exploration to be a big part of the game experience, it’s exciting to see the land come to life. The engineers are already working on the underpinnings, so it will be great to see the work of the two departments come together. Should be a great year for Seven Dragon Saga.
A response to a commenter on the TSI Facebook page reveals more information about the map's functionality:

A single icon represents the party, which can move freely. With the correct skills, the party may find footprints leading places, see patrols, and discover new locations. Locations are separate tactical maps. We intend to make it as alive as time allows, clouds certainly, day/night cycles, and whatever else fits time and budget.​

Nice - now you're talking Gold Box.

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