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Kickstarter Roundup: Stellar Tactics and Krai Mira

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Kickstarter Roundup: Stellar Tactics and Krai Mira

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 25 April 2016, 23:54:08

Tags: Krai Mira; Maverick Games; Stellar Tactics; Tall Tech Studio

Two indie RPGs have rather unwisely decided to launch their Kickstarter campaigns simultaneously today. The first of them is Stellar Tactics by Maverick Games, a company led by one Don Wilkins, who was a producer on Arcanum and Wizardry Gold. It's an ambitious sci-fi RPG with turn-based combat and sandbox-style space exploration. We've actually known about the game since February, but apparently it's been in development for many years. The Kickstarter campaign is asking for $67,000, and a $12 pledge will secure you a copy if it succeeds. Here's the trailer:

The second game is Krai Mira by Polish developer Tall Tech Studio. It's a post-apocalyptic RPG in the vein of Fallout which has also been in development for a while, formerly under the name "Crimea". Its Kickstarter campaign needs just £2,000, with £10 required for a copy. Krai Mira has a free demo, and oddly enough, is also already available for sale on Steam Early Access. I guess that's a thing now. Here's the trailer:

Say what you want about Eastern European shovelware, but that narrator is awesome.

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