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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #3: Setting, Part 1 - The Syndicates

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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #3: Setting, Part 1 - The Syndicates

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 21 May 2016, 15:37:55

Tags: Mechajammer; Whalenought Studios

After a much-appreciated endorsement from Larian Studios, the Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign has reached $25,000 of funding out of the needed $40,000. Hopefully it will continue reaching more eyeballs over the next three weeks. Today's Kickstarter update is the first in a series of updates about the game's setting. It describes the syndicates - the factions of Calitana. The player character will be a member of the Wolffz Bay Shipping & Services syndicate, but the setting's dominant syndicate is the Puritan-like Mayflower Initiative, the description of which I'll quote here:

Walled off from the rest of Calitana, the Mayflower Initiative, or the MFI, is the largest and wealthiest group on the island, hoarding resources, talent, and technology on their elevated plane above the rest of the city. Officially sent from the US government to jumpstart industry and civilized society for the colony in its founding years, the MFI not only built factories and housing for its members with its Corporeal Synthesizer, but also set up ministries for the purpose of enforcing fellowship and cheerful productivity, at gunpoint if necessary. The MFI members and their families enjoy luxuries such as fresh produce, safe streets and well-made housing complexes, but their lives are restricted by the numerous harshly enforced regulations that dictate everything from the color of their jumpsuits to their thoughts and speech.

Not everyone who is drafted to live on Calitana makes the cut to work at MFI, and thus the slums district grew outside its walls, sheltering those who have been exiled from the syndicate, those who are deemed unemployable, and those who are headhunted by other syndicates before the MFI can interview them. Following the years since the government has broken contact with the city this issue has escalated, and that was decades ago. The MFI still considers the citizens of the slums to live in its jurisdiction, but patrols infrequently and generally only where their financial interests are at stake. Still, as homelessness, unemployment, and loitering are all unlawful under the mandates of the MFI Ministry of Harmony and their Civic Spirit Acts, the citizens of the slums live in a state of constant tension, knowing that catching the eye of a patrol guard might land them a visit to the holding cells, an underground prison with a notoriously barbaric reconditioning program.

An indomitable force, the Mayflower Initiative runs the city with an iron fist, whether from behind the scenes or by sending in their artillery. Their favorite weapon, the Copper Faces, a beheaded elite guard with a skull of enhanced censors and a brain more robot than human, are a personification of the terror they invoke in the lives of citizens.
The next update will be about the game's quests and quests structure.

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