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Brian Fargo interviewed by Existential Gamer - talks Numenera, Wasteland 3 and small guy Vince

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Brian Fargo interviewed by Existential Gamer - talks Numenera, Wasteland 3 and small guy Vince

Interview - posted by Wasteland™ on Wed 25 May 2016, 07:38:13

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Torment: Tides of Numenera; Vince D. Weller; Wasteland 2; Wasteland 3

Julian Feeld of Existential Gamer wrote a nice, generalist interview with Brian Fargo – captain of InXile Entertainment and hardened trademark warrior. The interview touches on the games of olde, the games of newe, and Fargos escapades throughout gaming history.

I don't follow things anymore, so I'm not sure how big of a news this is to anybody, but this snippet pretty much confirms Wasteland 3 being in the works:

EG: What’s the relationship between your life experiences and the way you write, design, and create characters, storylines, and games?

BF: I draw almost all of my inspiration from my personal life experiences, reading about others or stories that people share with me personally. Authenticity resonates. I was in Croatia recently and met a local who told me about his grandfather the hunter. He said that he has owned 4 four dogs in his life, each with the name Jackie.

Apparently one day he was out hunting and shot a wild boar, but his bullet only grazed the animal, causing it to enter a frenzy. As the boar was charging to kill the hunter, his trusty dog Jackie jumped out and took the hit, dying in the process.

His Grandfather dropped his rifle and ran to the doctor but was unable to save the dog. According to the hunter’s wife, it was the only time she ever saw the man cry. After that he named every one of his dogs Jackie. These kinds of stories are powerful, and you can bet you’ll find some part of this one in Wasteland 3.

Small guy Vince is a brave idiot:

EG: In our interview with him, Vince D. Weller of Age of Decadence mentioned inXile as the most interesting studio out there. Who are you most excited to see pave the future for RPG’s?

BF: I’ve always been excited to see how small Indies like Vince push the envelope of what makes an RPG. As companies acquire overhead it becomes more difficult to take risks and therein lies the opportunity for the small guy to shine.

My whole life I’ve been asked who my biggest competitor is. My answer remains unchanged: it’s a person I’ve never heard of. Someone who is dying to do better, to show the world what they are capable of.​

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