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Chris Avellone tells all on My Favourite Game

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Chris Avellone tells all on My Favourite Game

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 27 May 2016, 22:30:06

Tags: Chris Avellone; Wasteland

Chris Avellone was a guest on a podcast called "My Favourite Game" earlier this week, ostensibly for the purpose of talking about his favorite RPG, the original Wasteland. In practice, though, the podcast was about a lot more than that. It seems that Chris is now more comfortable with talking about the circumstances behind his departure from Obsidian. In short, he felt pigeonholed there - both by the demands and preconceptions of the other co-owners and by Obsidian's lack of access to certain IPs. Chris reveals that he is currently working not only on Torment and Divinity: Original Sin 2, but also on a host of other games that he can't talk about yet, including AAA games.

There's a lot more in this hour and a half podcast. If you can't be bothered to listen to it yourself, Codex MCA Watcher Fairfax has provided a summary here. Earlier this month, Chris was also a guest on a German podcast called Retrokompott. I haven't listened to all of it, but apparently it's about many of the same things. It's worth noting that in both podcasts, Chris is very effusive about his love for System Shock 2 and Ultima Underworld (which are his second and third favorite games). I wonder if he doesn't end up being involved with System Shock 3 in some capacity...

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