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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #10: Base Funding Goal Reached, Alpha Details

Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #10: Base Funding Goal Reached, Alpha Details

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2016, 11:36:17

Tags: Mechajammer; Whalenought Studios

The Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal last night, with 48 hours on the clock. In the latest Kickstarter update, Joe and Hannah celebrate their victory, and also provide some details on the game's backer alpha, which it seems they've already planned out in detail. I quote:

And we're funded!! We're so gracious for all the support getting here, we couldn't have done this without you all helping spread the news about the game. We're so thankful and happy to have you on board for this project! Some of you have been spamming the internet and forums for the last month, and that word of mouth got us ~900 backers! Thank you all so much. We are truly grateful for your help and support.


Our other two big goals are comprised of funds for continued development on our end as well as the external work we'd need to allocate resources for. We'll be assessing how much we make at the end of the Kickstarter along with any paypal orders in the future to see what we can do about attaining any of those goals. We'll keep you all informed on progress!

Paypal Available

Not really news for you backers, but we wanted to announce that we will have a paypal option to pre-order the game up to beta release. Once we have those alpha/beta releases we'll remove those and will just have the base game for preorder prior to release. Any additional funding will count toward said stretch goals.

Modular Reward Purchases

We've had a few messages and emails asking us about being able to purchase the miniatures/handbooks separately after the campaign ends or through paypal. All the rewards after the first three are Kickstarter exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Our fingers (and time) can only endure so much needlework, so the books made during this time will be it for Copper Dreams! We do plan on making more miniatures for Copper Dreams and Vol characters in the future, but need to plan out costs for those down the road. However as said, the ones available in this Kickstarter will be exclusive for our backers now, so we won't make these exact ones again.

Agro-Fax: Supply Drop

Creating a new kind of user control and mechanic setup is both extremely challenging and exciting. We're constantly tweaking and changing things as we get to the vertical slice for what plays and feels right for the game and ruleset. We have a great boon with this Kickstarter in having so many alpha testers, and we're excited to get it in your hands later this year.

While the beta will involve the game proper, part one of the alpha will involve a small mission on the island before presenting the start of the game in a second alpha stage. You'll be playing a team of Agro-Fax agents being dropped off via helicopter over a derelict factory to steal data drives believed to be stored within. This gives some flavor into other syndicate operations and includes all of the game mechanics. Agro-Fax culture is quite different from Wolffz Bay, led by a bunch of aloof, groovy scientists hell bent on their own ambitions without much care of the rest of the island. The agents they send on missions are still as dangerous as any though. You'll see to it. We'll be releasing more information on the release timeline for this down the road.

We're still tweaking mechanics and setting up the vertical slice with a group of our *top men*, but will be posting details here when we're getting there!

The alpha will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux users.​

Congratulations, you kids. It was a near thing, but you made it. Now let's see how the final 36 hours shake out.

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