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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #11: Funded!

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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #11: Funded!

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 11 June 2016, 23:59:33

Tags: Mechajammer; Whalenought Studios

The Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign has successfully concluded, with $43,038 gathered from 1074 backers. The community really came together on the last week to help push it over the top, albeit at the cost of a much-reduced final days' spike. The campaign didn't reach its stretch goals, but that doesn't mean they're lost forever. Joe and Hannah's victory update explains:


We're so amazed that 1074 of you (more with Paypal coming in!) have believed and backed Copper Dreams to help make it a reality. We had two potential paths for what we wanted to do with the story and game a month ago, and this has been a definitive answer to being able to start developing the full-scale one! Even with our early graphics and gameplay we've gotten enough interest to devote a full development cycle to the game, and we're so excited to be able to spend the time to do that.

Stretch Goals through Paypal

Our Paypal backers are starting to increase! While the stretch goals were a combination of our external work + funds for implementation, we're going to be flexible with what we can achieve, especially in the sound department.

We've already purchased a vast library worth of high-fidelity sounds and will be making some of our own (a highlight of the game will be the ambient sounds in-game, something we're excited about), but having that extended soundtrack would be a wonderful addition.

Next Steps

We're in the process of still trying to tweak gameplay and mechanics to get them feeling absolutely right. When you see the game again, hopefully soon, we should have something very special to show you! A key component for our current development schedule is spending all the time needed to make sure the ruleset and mechanics are implemented perfectly, as we plan on using (and adding to) these mechanics down the road for other games. Ideally, when you see that a game uses the Burning Candle ruleset, you'll have a very good idea of what that will play like, fantasy or sci-fi.

In the coming months we'll be scuttling back into our hobbit hole and digging in. We have some big enhancements we're making for our next tech demo when it comes to the moving and tactical mode we think folks will really enjoy. We'll continue having highlights of different systems in-game with updates throughout development, and are working towards the v-slice and then alpha!

Thank You

Thank you all again for all the good wishes, support, and believing in Copper Dreams. This campaign was much more challenging than our previous one, and only succeeded because of you and your diligent efforts to spread the word.

We'll be in touch, thanks again everyone!​

So ends another Kickstarter. Congratulations again to Whalenought, and good luck!

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