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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Trailer and Reviews

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Trailer and Reviews

Review - posted by Infinitron on Fri 19 August 2016, 21:06:19

Tags: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; Eidos Montreal

Even though the game was at E3 this year, and now at Gamescom, Eidos Montreal haven't released a Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay video of their own since June. Instead we got a stream of crappy TV spots, bizarre real-life bionic tie-ins, a Human Revolution plot recap, and other nonsense. Time flew, and now the game is just four days away from release. Eidos Montreal published the launch trailer yesterday, and the reviews started going out today. Here's the trailer and a list of reviews courtesy of GameBanshee:

IGN, 9.2/10.
Polygon, 8.5/10.
PC Gamer, 88/100.
GameSpot, 8/10.
Giant Bomb, 4/5.
Eurogamer, Recommended.
Trusted Reviews, 3/5.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun, scoreless.
TIME, 4.5/5.
Ars Technica, Buy.
Forbes, 8/10., 7/10.
The Telegraph, 4/5.
GameInformer, 7/10.
The Wrap, scoreless.
PCGamesN, 7/10.
USGamer, 4/5.
Push Square, 7/10.
Hardcore Gamer, 3/5.
The Sixth Axis, 9/10.
Twinfinite, 3.5/5.
God is a Geek, 9.0/10.
Digital Trends, 8.0/10.
Bit-Gamer, 90%.
BleedingCool, 8.7/10.
Xbox Achievements, 88/100.
The Verge, scoreless.
CGMagazine Online, 10/10.
Mirror, 5/5.
EGM Now, 8.5/10.
IBTimes, 4.5/5.
We Got This Covered, 3.5/5.​

As you can see, the reviews are generally positive but not overwhelmingly so. Many of the slightly less positive reviews cite issues with the game's storyline - too short and constrained, not interesting enough, even unfinished-feeling - as well as a lack of mechanical innovation. Gee EM, maybe if you hadn't spent the last five years making a crappy tablet spinoff, a crappier Thief reboot and a "challenge mode" nobody asked for, you would have had time to address those concerns. Oh well!

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