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Chris Avellone's Beachside Chat at Reboot Develop 2016

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Chris Avellone's Beachside Chat at Reboot Develop 2016

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Sun 21 August 2016, 16:15:01

Tags: Chris Avellone

Nearly four months after it took place, the video of Chris Avellone's "Beachside Chat" panel at the Reboot Develop 2016 conference in Croatia has finally been uploaded by the organizers. It's a half-comedic, half-serious dialogue between Chris and Dan Pearson, European Editor of Gamasutra's writeup made the panel seem like it was an extended rhapsody about the comforts of his post-Obsidian lifestyle, but it's actually a bit more in-depth than that.

The chat starts out as an entertaining exchange of banter about Chris' pen-and-paper roleplaying roots, but later on it becomes more focused on CRPG design, including some discussion of his contributions to Pillars of Eternity. Interestingly, the idea of roleplaying evil characters comes up several times, and Chris cites (then only recently announced) Tyranny as the sort of RPG he'd make if he wanted to support that concept. It's an amusing watch all around - check it out if you have time to burn.

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