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Another War 2 interview and screenshots

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Another War 2 interview and screenshots

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 27 March 2003, 00:27:36

Tags: Mirage Interactive; Weird Wars: The Unknown Episode of World War II

Thanks to Ausir, we've scored ourselves an interview with the wacky Polish guys at Mirage who just dig the hell out of the World War 2 setting. In fact, they're working on a sequel of sorts to Another War, which is what this is all about! We even got ourselves some lovely screenshots of this title-in-progress.

7.) Another War offered little interaction with the surrounding world, which was closer to adventure games than to cRPGs. Will it change in AW2? Can we expect the game to be less linear?

The main quest, like in AW, will have many solutions known from adventure games - gathering information and solving sub-quests. Let's face it, it's like in many other cRPGs, where the linearity is masked by being able to choose the sequence in which we solve the quests. For us much more important was to create an interesting plot for the main quest. It does not mean the game will be completely linear - the player will be able to take side-quests, which don't influence the main plot directly.​

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Too bad about the lack of turn based though. I think that's the number one issue in Another War.

However, thanks to the nice chaps at Mirage, Pawel Smyla and Lukasz Gorny, for the info and screens!

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