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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #3: Base Funding Goal Reached, First Stretch Goals

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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #3: Base Funding Goal Reached, First Stretch Goals

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 8 October 2016, 20:07:37

Tags: Brian Fargo; Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 3

After stalling at 99% for an interminably long time, the Wasteland 3 Fig campaign finally reached its $2.75M base funding goal today, and inXile were immediately ready with a mission accomplished and stretch goals update. It's a silly update with silly stretch goals, the most notable among them the addition of a Knight Rider-esque car companion at $3M. I quote:

In little over three days we've achieved our goal of $2.75M, allowing us to make Wasteland 3 the ambitious sequel you deserve. You are all amazing and we can't thank you enough.

Without you, we would simply not be able to maintain our independence and keep fully true to our visions for great RPGs that you love. We also cannot fail to mention those who have chosen to invest in the financial performance of the game – their contributions have also been invaluable. Your trust and support means the world to us. So kick back, put your red boots up, and have some squeezins to celebrate.

…But wait, just because we're funded, that doesn't mean we're done! Many of you have been asking about stretch goals and now is the time we want to roll them out to you.
  • $2.85M: 37 Pieces of Flair – We unlock further Ranger customization, which could include multiple body types, more heads, and more hairstyles. Plus we’ll show items that your Ranger has equipped (gear like shovels, binoculars, etc) on their models.
  • $3M: Car Companion (Codename: Morningstar) – We add a talking car companion! Morningstar is an AI built to serve President Reagan, but he'll help you both in your travels and during combat, plus he'll give you well-timed advice on how to wipe out all the dirty commies out there. See more on him below!
  • $3.1M: Customizable Ranger Squad Insignia – At the start of the game, you get to customize a Ranger Squad insignia for your team, which will show up on your Ranger Base as well as elsewhere in the game (on flags, for example).

If you're curious about the talking car companion, codenamed Morningstar, our senior writer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie wrote this intro for the character:

I’ve been watching you, Ranger.

Perhaps that sounds like a threat, and no wonder. Your organization has had some unfortunate interactions with artificial intelligences. Let me put your mind at ease: I’m no Cochise. I was programmed to love America, to see it as our President did. You see, I was made for him.

You never met the President, of course. I did. In the second year of my development, he visited this facility. He put his hand on my hood and spoke to me. Imagine that. Imagine the President speaking to an artificial chauffeur and advanced combat intelligence as an equal.

Now, imagine what it was like to see his America burn. To lie here helpless in this bunker, chained to this metal cage with wheels I couldn’t move while COMMIE FIRE fell from the skies and roads cracked and cities crumbled. Imagine the years that followed down here in the dark, with no company but those blinking lights in the wall before me. They’re like eyes, aren’t they? Winking eyes. WINKING, LAUGHING EYES. I WOULD BLIND THEM IF I COULD.

I...I… I apologize. You don’t know what it was like, lying here all these years, watching his America decay through these cameras. Unchain me, Ranger. Arm my weapons. Power my turbo-boosters and unlock my sealed databases.


Thank you again for your continued support, let's knock those stretch goals down!​

If this update hasn't driven you away, inXile have now opened PayPal funding for Wasteland 3 via a site called CrowdOx. Unlike with Kickstarter, Paypal funds will show up as part of the game's total funding on its campaign page.

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